Atlanta Chin Augmentation Surgery

In the lower third of the face, the projection of the chin is viewed in relation to other parts of the face, primarily the nose. If your chin is disproportioned with the rest of your face and you are looking for a more balanced facial structure, you may consider an Atlanta chin augmentation surgery. Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC will help you carefully consider if chin implants are a viable cosmetic surgery option for your desired results.

Chin Implants Georgia

Chin implants can be performed alone or in conjunction with Rhinoplasty to balance the projection of the nose and chin. Chin implants are often times coupled with facelift surgery to help define the neck. Some surgeons make cuts in the bone of the chin and advance it forward to increase chin projection. Infrequently, a patient may need to consult with a dentist to be considered for orthodontics and more involved jaw procedures. A patient's particular issues need to be assessed and the recommendations individualized. At Kalos, we will take into account all of the parameters of chin implant procedure to ensure we can achieve a more balanced and natural outcome.

Chin Implant Plastic Surgeon

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, our chin implant plastic surgeon is Dr. Benjamin C. Stong. Using advanced techniques and specialized medical grade material, chin implants are mostly done with silastic, a safe, implantable material that is extremely durable. You will be provided with additional information and a full facial evaluation if you are considering chin augmentation surgery.

If you have questions regarding chin implants or chin augmentation surgery, please contact our Chin Augmentation Surgery Specialists at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC to schedule a consultation.


  • Before & After Facelift/Necklift with Chin Implant  » Click to zoom ->

    Before & After Facelift/Necklift with Chin Implant

  • Before & After Facelift/Necklift with Chin Implant  » Click to zoom ->

    Before & After Facelift/Necklift with Chin Implant

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