Atlanta Earlobe Repair Surgery

Are you looking for a respected facial plastic surgeon to perform your earlobe repair surgery in Atlanta? If you have elongated earlobes, misshapen earlobes or earlobes that have been torn, ripped or stretched from heavy earrings or misplaced piercings, Dr. Stong and the dedicated staff at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC can help.

Dr. Stong can accurately fix damaged earlobes or earlobes with troublesome keloid scars. You can trust your face and your ears to an experienced facial plastic surgeon. With precision and care, Dr. Stong performs this outpatient procedure with local anesthesia, ensuring your desired results. There is minimal pain or downtime associated with earlobe repair surgery

Georgia Earlobe Surgeon

Dr. Benjamin C. Stong is a reputable and experienced earlobe surgeon in Georgia. Trained in advanced, contemporary cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, you can trust Dr. Stong as your facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Stong has extensive training in head and neck surgery including earlobe repairs.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, you will experience exceptional care. Dr. Stong specializes in cutting edge surgeries, minimizing scars with smaller incisions and less downtime.

A respected earlobe surgeon, Dr. Stong is here to serve as your facial plastic surgery expert. Trusted by even the most discerning clients, Dr. Stong is a renowned facial plastic specialist. Kalos offers a full range of facial plastic surgery procedures and skin rejuvenation techniques. With a passion for helping people, Dr. Stong provides exceptional care to every patient.

Contact our Atlanta Earlobe Repair Surgery Specialists today to schedule a consultation for your earlobe repair surgery. We look forward to welcoming you to Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC and you treating you with superior care, compassion and respect.

Earlobe Repair Surgery | Earlobe Surgeon

Facial Plastic Surgeon Board Certified
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Atlanta , GA 30342
A Top Atlanta Plastic Surgeon 2017
  • Double Board Certified, Fellowship Trained
  • Dr. Stong has successfully completed OVER 100 facelifts in his career
  • He performs OVER 40 Rhinoplasties per year
  • Dr. Stong completes OVER 30 Mohs skin cancer reconstructions a month

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