Daryl Hannah’s Botox Addiction

Daryl Hannah (51) made waves in the movie Splash in 1984 with Tom Hanks. She was admired for her natural beauty and dramatic blue eyes, and she lit up the screen every where she went with little effort. Today, however, Daryl Hannah is making waves again for much different reasons. Daryl has been in the news as another Hollywood star who has had plastic surgery gone bad. While Daryl apparently paid a lot of money to try to regain a youthfulness to her appearance, all of her procedures have actually had the opposite effect.

Daryl started out with Botox injections to hide the wrinkles on her face and forehead. As with most women and men who choose to have Botox injections, she was trying to make her face look fuller and fresher, with younger looking skin. However, Daryl Hannah’s use of Botox appears to have become an obsession. Her repeated use of Botox made her face appear much too tight, and it ended up creating an imbalance in her face. The over use of Botox paired with her obvious lip injections have completely disguised Daryl’s natural beauty for someone who cannot even be recognized as the once beautiful starlet.

The success of Daryl’s plastic surgery techniques have obviously backfired. At Kalos, Dr. Stong is committed to bringing out the most in a person’s face so that he or she will wind up with beautiful results. Dr. Stong knows how much is too much, and he will not allow his patients to become so obsessed with a product, such as Botox, that they risk losing their natural beauty. Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery is a distinctive, board-certified center of excellence that specializes in creating a pleasant facial appearance. With proper use of Botox and other procedures, positive results can be achieved.

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