Jada’s Unfortunate Decision

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, rumors abound everywhere. However, there are no rumors and no doubts as to whether Jada Pinkett-Smith has undergone cosmetic surgery. Jada’s face has gone from youthful beauty to aging almost overnight – and she meant to go the exact opposite.

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s cheeks have undergone a dramatic transformation in the last few months. It is obvious that Jada had some type of cheek augmentation done. Whether she had cheek implants inserted or cheek fillers, the procedure has dramatically changed her entire facial appearance. Cheek augmentation procedures are meant to make a woman look younger, bringing back the full cheeks of youth. However, Jada’s case is very different. The cheek augmentation procedure has had a disappointing affect on Jada’s appearance, making her look older than she did – making her in fact, look older than her actual age.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Stong understands every woman’s desire to up-keep her facial appearance. By creating fuller cheeks, a woman can have a younger looking appearance, but only when done properly. Dr. Stong has the expertise needed to create a beautiful outcome from cheek augmentation. Jada’s cheeks were overly done; giving her a stretched appearance, and actually creating lines on her lower face that were not there before her cosmetic procedure.

Jada’s surgery was unnecessary because she is a beautiful woman. However, the cheek augmentation that she chose to have done has altered her attractive appearance. Women should be sure that the procedure they wish to have done is a necessary one. Dr. Stong at Kalos can help you to determine the correct procedure for you to obtain your goal.

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