The Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is the technical term for the surgical correction of defects or deformities of the ears.  The ears may have defects or deformities present that are genetic or congenital, or from suffering trauma.  When performing otoplasty surgery, it is the surgeon’s primary goal to create a more attractive, balanced, and natural appearance while maintaining the functionality of the anatomy of the ear.  Otoplasty is one of the most conventional plastic surgery procedures performed to correct a developmental abnormalityThere are several methods in performing otoplasty surgery.  While many people associate otoplasty with mere “ear pinning” with repositioning with sutures, other methods can be used to correct defects of the ears.

When performing surgery on the “pinna” or external ear, the procedure can be complex in nature due to the complex nature of the structure of the external ear.  In the case of “prominent” or protruding ears that project more than 25 degrees away from the head, different surgical methods can be used for correction.  Different parts of the external ear may protrude more than others (i.e. commonly, the earlobes, “concha” or bowl shaped structure of the external ear, and the scapha or “furrow” of the external ear that separates the helix from the antihelix).  Other parts of the external ear may protrude, or multiple structures can protrude together, making otoplasty surgery a desirable option for the patient.

We see many patients annually for otoplasty surgery.  Patients with defects or deformities of the ear can suffer psychological effects from teasing or tormenting of peers.  Many times, patients who seek otoplasty surgery are younger than 14 years of age.  At age four, the ears are nearly full grown, so surgery may be performed with an effective, long-lasting outcome after this age.  Adults also have otoplasty surgery performed for various conditions, including protruding ears, prominent ear deformities, or lop ear deformities.  No matter the age or concern of the patient, otoplasty can be a life changing procedure.  Patients who undergo otoplasty surgery report that they are extremely pleased with their appearance following the procedure.  Patients do not need to hide their ears any longer following surgery, and experience restored confidence.

Post Provided by Benjamin Stong MD


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