Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery in Atlanta GAReducing wrinkles and making the face look younger are not the only reasons people undergo cosmetic surgery to the face. Those who have had trauma to the eyelid, whose sagging eyelids obstruct their vision, and cancer of the eyelid or surrounding area, often need eyelid reconstructive surgery. It is necessary for patients to find a reputable and knowledgeable plastic surgeon when eyelid surgery is needed because of the delicate area that is affected. Dr. Stong at Kalos Facial, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is a dual board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in facial procedures with minimal scarring.

Reconstructive eyelid surgery is most often performed via Mohs micrographic surgery directly followed by a cosmetic procedure. When a cancerous tumor is involved, Dr. Stong uses a multidisciplinary approach with a Mohs surgeon to remove the cancerous tumor and he then uses his cosmetic approach with Mohs surgery to perform closures that virtually eliminate scars around the surgical site. When cancer is not involved, Dr. Stong is able to use Mohs surgery to correct the delicate area around the eye. In upper eyelid reconstruction, and in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the eye is absolutely essential for a successful outcome. Because the upper eyelid covers a much greater area of the “globe” (or eyeball) than the lower lid, it serves a much more important role in protecting the eye.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer of the eyelid or have a debilitating condition that has created problems with your vision, contact the office of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC for a consultation. Dr. Benjamin Stong will use his expertise in cosmetic surgery as well as Mohs surgery to evaluate your eyelid and determine the appropriate steps to take in order for you to regain function of your eyelid and to get rid of your cancerous tumor.

Post Provided by Benjamin Stong MD, Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC

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