Younger Looking Hands with Lumiquin

The hands give away one’s age more than we know. We spend so much time caring for the skin on our face but we often neglect to give the same attention to our hands. Sun protection on a daily basis is of utmost importance, of course. Throughout the day, the delicate skin of the hands loses moisture and hydration from constant washing, sanitizing, and exposure to harsh products and chemicals. As we age, our hands lose fat and collagen, becoming thin, rough and pigmented from sun exposure. You may wonder what else you can do to help keep your hands looking as youthful as possible.

Revision Skincare has launched Lumiquin, a new hand product that works as an overnight treatment to restore youthfulness while you sleep. Lumiquin is infused with antioxidants, pigment lightening ingredients, firming peptides, and moisturizers. Antioxidants work deep to neutralize free radical damage caused by sun and the environment. Pigmentation is addressed with lightening ingredients to brighten the overall appearance of hands and fade away sun spots. Peptides work to stimulate collagen and elastin and help firm the skin. Lumiquin is also designed to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier, thus making the hands less susceptible to hydration loss.

If there is one product you should invest in for your hands, it is Lumiquin. It also makes a fabulous complement to laser hand treatments and/or injectable fillers. It is possible to turn back the hands of time with new innovations in skin care and anti-aging medicine. Patients are always amazed at how much they can reverse the signs of aging on their hands with nightly use of Lumiquin, and when necessary, lasers and fillers for added results. Lumiquin can be purchased from physicians carrying Revision Skincare.

Posted by Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC

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