Laser Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Atlanta GALaser resurfacing is a procedure used to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as acne scars and blemishes. Laser resurfacing treatments use short, concentrated pulsing beams of light at irregular skin to precisely remove skin layer by layer. The two types of lasers most commonly used in laser resurfacing are carbon dioxide and erbium. Each laser vaporizes skin cells damage at the surface level.

Partial laser resurfacing treatments are outpatient procedures that are performed in about 30-45 minutes sessions. Patients who are having their entire face treated by laser resurfacing can expect to spend about two hours actively undergoing treatment. There is almost always a break during the procedure in order to allow the skin to rest and the patient some relief between treatments.

Specific care must be given to the skin after any laser resurfacing procedure. Swelling, itching, and stinging are normal as the skin prepares to peel off. Wounded skin should be cleaned and treated about five times a day, and an ointment will need to be applied in order to prevent scabs from forming on the face. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for the treated area to heal, and patients need to be aware of this as it may affect personal or professional obligations.

At Kalos Facial Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser Surgery we are committed to helping our patients find the beautiful skin that lies just below the surface. Whether you have acne scars that you are ready to get rid of or uneven skin tone or wrinkles that you wish would disappear – laser resurfacing can help you achieve your beauty goals. Contact Kalos today to schedule a consultation with Atlanta’s aesthetic experts.

Post Provided by Benjamin Stong MD, Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC

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