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Choose Your Surgeon Carefully for Revision Rhinoplasty

Cheerful young woman pointing at her nose.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging plastic surgery procedures to complete with optimum results. Not only is the nose the prominent, central feature on the face, but it is also critical for proper breathing. Since rhinoplasty is so complex, it is also one of the most commonly revised plastic surgery procedures. Revision rhinoplasty is…

What to Consider Before Revision Rhinoplasty

A face of a woman covering her nose with her hand.

Are you unhappy with the results of your rhinoplasty procedure? Rhinoplasty can be a complicated and difficult procedure, and revisions are a common occurrence. Here are three things to consider before choosing revision rhinoplasty to improve your appearance. Consider the Best Timing for Revision Rhinoplasty The right timing is crucial when planning to have revision…

Top 3 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

Male Plastic Surgery Atlanta GA

Men are increasingly embracing cosmetic surgery procedures to help improve their appearance. How a man looks affects his self-confidence and overall quality of life. When it comes to cosmetic treatments, men may have slightly different aesthetic goals than women. Here are the top three cosmetic surgery procedures that are the most popular with men. Nose…

Key Benefits to Having a Fractured Nose Repaired

Fractured Nose Repair Atlanta GA

A fractured nose is the result of trauma and is typically associated with vehicle or sporting injuries. It can result in significant pain at the time; but for many, that pain wanes or disappears altogether with time. In many cases, individuals who have suffered a fractured nose do not seek medical attention. This can lead…

Rhinophyma (A Type of Rosacea)

Doctor Diagnosing Skin Conditions Atlanta GA

Rhinophyma is the third, and most severe stage of rosacea, a common skin disorder. Rhinophyma causes the skin of your nose to thicken, grow abnormally and develop wart-like bumps. Enlarged pores, a red skin tone, and visible blood vessels are also signs of this condition. Unfortunately, these symptoms don’t go away, but rather, they worsen…

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