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If you are concerned about the excess fat around your neck, chin or cheeks - Facial Liposuction may be for you.

Whether you’re in your 30’s, 40s, 50s or older, you are more than likely searching for new and improved ways to enhance your facial features. If so, one great cosmetic surgery technique many people are using to create a healthier and more youthful looking face is called facial liposculpture or facial liposuction. Dr. Stong is an experienced Georgia facial liposuction surgeon and a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon.

What is Facial Liposculpture Surgery?

Facial Liposuction/Facial Liposculpture is defined as the elimination of fat from underneath the face.  The purpose of this procedure is to get rid of excess fat in the cheeks and jowls. It is commonly combined with neck or submental liposuction and facelift procedures.  With a suction device, fat is removed from either a tiny incision under the chin or around the ear lobe.  Facial liposuction is popular because it can transform your face resulting in a ‘thinner’ facial appearance.

Age Related Changes to Facial Volume

As we age the natural fat tissues of the face diminish resulting in a hollowed appearance.  Some people experience these changes more rapidly than others.  The trend in facial fat procedures is conservation and repositioning to compensate for these changes.

Facial Fat Transfers & Removal Buckhead

This particular facial rejuvenation technique restores the face back to its natural, youthful appearance. Facial fat injections or fat transfers restore facial fat volumes by taking excess fat from other areas of the body and replenishing the lost volume in the face. The facial fat transfer procedure is performed with tiny incisions and injections using contemporary preparation techniques. 

Areas treated with this procedure include:

• The tear troughs under the eye
• The cheek and cheek bone area
• The outer brow
• Less commonly the lips

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