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Commitment to Humanitarian Efforts
Dr. Stong is an advocate of giving back to the community and using his plastic surgery skills to give to those who will never be able to afford it, but, are in need of reconstructive facial plastic surgery.  He is on the national committee for the Face to Face humanitarian program.

The Face to Face humanitarian and educational surgical exchange program is conducted under the sponsorship of the Educational and Research Foundation for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The AAFPRS facial plastic surgeons donate their time and skills in the United States and abroad to help those in need of reconstructive facial plastic surgery.

Programs where Dr. Stong donates his time:

Faces of Honor
The Faces of Honor program was created to offer plastic surgery assistance to our brave men and women who have been injured in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Dr. Stong strongly believes that the men and women who serve their county and protect the United States of America deserve the best possible medical care that can be provided.  There is a personal satisfaction that comes from reconstructing an injury a solider received in combat that otherwise may have caused them undue psychological stress.

The National Domestic Violence Project
The National Domestic Violence Project was created to help victims of domestic abuse who can’t afford to pay for treatment of their facial injuries. Dr. Stong is committed to helping people who have suffered facial injuries in an abusive relationship. Helping them repair facial injuries, regain their self-esteem, and start rebuilding their life is a privilege that Dr. Stong takes seriously.

International Assistance
The International Assistance arm of the Face to Face program was created to help those in other countries who can’t afford facial plastic surgery. The primary candidates who receive international assistance include individuals with congenital facial abnormalities, trauma, or are suffering from rare diseases.  Dr. Stong has helped many children regain their childhood by correcting birth anomalies such as cleft lips and palates as well as other unfortunate conditions that require facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Stong is firmly committed to giving back to the community and donating his time and facial plastic surgery skills to people in need.  He is happy to share his experiences with others who are interested in promoting the programs within his home community.  Please visit the Healing Hands Benefit page to learn more about our annual fundraiser for the Partnership against domestic violence and the Face to Face program.  Feel free to call or contact our Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgery Professionals today to ask questions.

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A Top Atlanta Plastic Surgeon 2017
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  • Dr. Stong completes OVER 30 Mohs skin cancer reconstructions a month

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