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Lip Augmentation Gone Too Far

Hollywood is a place where extremes are never far away. Excessive plastic surgery is nothing new, but there are times when “enhancements” go too far, even for the celebrities who wanted them in the first place. Lisa Rinna is no stranger to the spotlight for her lip augmentation. However, even this starlet knew when she had gone too far.

Lisa Rinna became everyone’s favorite vixen back when Melrose Place was the place to be. Her sultry pout was admired by women and men alike and propelled her into fame. However, twenty five years after her silicone lip injections Lisa decides to have as much silicone removed from her lips as possible. In her own description, her lips were hard and did not feel like lips should.

This is often the case with lip augmentation that goes too far. An over abundance of injections can not only cause an unsightly appearance on a person’s face, but it can also have negative consequences over time.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Benjamin Stong offers patients both surgical and non surgical lip enhancement. He offers some of the most contemporary lip enhancement techniques available for those who wish to enhance their appearance. However, Dr. Stong also uses his expertise to help patients achieve desirable and reasonable results. While the desire to have permanently fuller and more appealing lips is understandable, Dr. Benjamin Stong uses his expertise to give his patients results that they will ultimately be happy with for the long haul.

Lisa Rinna made the mistake of having too much silicone injected into her lips that gave her an unnatural appearance and resulted in negative side effects down the line. At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, Dr. Stong offers his expertise and experience to help patients achieve beautiful results.

If you are interested in Lip Enhancement Surgery, contact Kalos today to schedule a consultation.

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