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Atlanta Face Lift SurgeryBoth men and women have one thing in common, as they grow older; the skin changes and loses elasticity. There are several factors involved that contribute to the aging process such as sun damage, emotional stress, smoking and other health related problems. Facelift surgery restores the appearance of your youth by greatly decreasing the effects of aging. Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC offers the most contemporary cosmetic surgery techniques available today and our head physician, Dr. Benjamin C. Stong, will clearly explain what you can expect from your face lift procudure.

The following is a brief description of the aging process:

In your 30’s – wrinkles start to develop and photoaging and loss of skin elasticity begins to occur. 

In your 40’s – wrinkles deepen and skin continues to sag resulting in heavy cheeks (jowls) and deepening of the facial folds and grooves with loss of fat volume. 

In your 50’s – The jaw line becomes less distinct with vertical bands forming in the neck, along with excess skin.

In your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s – The facial fat continues to atrophy with increased sagging and excess skin along with further deepening of wrinkles.

Mini Facelift Surgeon Buckhead

Unlike traditional face lift procedures, today’s facelift offers dramatic results by offering many variations with abbreviated incisions including: the Short-Scar Face Lift, S-Lift, Mini Facelift and Minimal Incision Face Lift. These procedures have become very popular because it involves smaller incisions, less scarring and less downtime.

Revision face lift surgery has become more common due to patients undergoing multiple face lift procedures in their lifetime and the introduction of commercialized face lift procedures that provide inadequate results creating unhappy patients. The two facelift techniques that offer the longest possible correction for the jowls and jaw line are the Deep Plane Facelift and the extended Sub-SMAS Facelift. Both procedures can be performed through the smallest S-Lift and Mini facelift incisions. 

Mini Face Lift Options for Men

Face lift surgery among Men has greatly increased in the past ten years. This is mainly because more men are discovering the benefits from facelift surgery. A man’s appearance can have a great impact on his self-esteem and even his career. In addition to being qualified on the job, one must possess a confident and youthful look.

Experts in the cosmetic surgery industry recently administered a survey and the results of the participants showed 84% of men believe their attractiveness greatly contributed to power and success at work. In today's competitive business world, a man’s appearance is one of his greatest assets. Our face lift surgery for men corrects the effects caused by sun exposure, anxiety, and the aging process.

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