Where Do I Start?

When asked, most people will be able to tell you their favorite and least favorite feature about themselves. “I love my hair, how shiny it is, and the sense of identity it gives me. But I hate my nose. See this little bumpy thing on the top? I’d get rid of that first thing!” or … Read More

A Season Of Thanks and Giving

In the United States, November seems to kick off a season of love, hope, giving, and thankfulness. There are lots of ways to help, whether you serve food at a local soup kitchen or build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Even when you can’t volunteer your time for a cause, donations of money, food, clothing, … Read More

Injecting New Life Into Atlanta’s Economy

Think about plastic and cosmetic surgery for a minute. Did you remember a crime show episode where a “back-alley surgeon” is harming his clients? Maybe you thought about K-pop bands (did you know there were such a thing?) or how it seems like everything is available in places like Taiwan or Mexico? Hollywood probably crossed … Read More

A Pain In The Neck

One of the first signs of aging, for many people, is a certain looseness in the skin at the neck.  You might attribute it to the weight loss you went through after your pregnancies, or the fact that your mom has one. Either way, it’s not the most pleasant thing to look at as you … Read More

Lumpy, Bumpy Foreheads

  “When I was a child, my father had a lumpy growth behind his ear. He always joked that it was a little extra space for his brain. His father also had one on his forehead. I expect that as I age, I will have one, too.” Small “lumpy growths” on the head, especially the … Read More

Why Injectables?

It seems like everyone these days is talking about dermal fillers and injections. You see the movie stars and A-listers with over plumped lips and cheeks, frozen foreheads and mouths. You think none of this looks natural, and you’re right: quite a bit of looks like it was done by a someone without an artistic … Read More

That Sleepy Look

As you age, you may discover that your skin is not as tight and firm as it was when you were twenty something. There are wrinkles on your forehead and fine lines around your mouth. You can tolerate those, because they show the laughter and happiness in your life. But what do those droopy eyelids … Read More

No One Wants a Warty Nose

When you have rosacea, the symptoms can be embarrassing. You never know when your face is going to flame up and then stay red. The small pimples over your nose, cheeks, and chin make you feel like a teenager all over again. But when you started developing small, warty-looking blemishes on your nose, that was … Read More

MOHS Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Cancer is a scary word. Depending on the source you look at, anywhere from 38 to 50 percent of people will develop it in their lifetime. According to www.skincancer.org, 20 percent, or one in five Americans will develop skin cancer. These are frightening statistics, and not ones to scoff at. You can decrease your risk … Read More

What Can You Do With a Laser?

Laser Beams. Maybe you think of a “high tech” security system or a pointer at a presentation. Maybe you think of a cheesy sci-fi flick with a robot that shoots lasers from its eyes. They were once thought of as the technology of the future, but they have very much become the technology of today. … Read More

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked about plastic surgery is how long the recovery takes. “I have a friend who had her eyelids done, and it was a year or more before she looked right again! Is it going to take that long for me to recover from my procedure?” The truth … Read More

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