Men and Plastic Surgery: A Turning Trend

If you ask around, most men won’t admit to needing or thinking about plastic surgery. They may feel somewhat embarrassed about taking pride in their appearance or wanting to look a little younger.  Some people may call it vanity, but at Kalos, we just call it self care!  There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting … Read More

Tips and Tricks for Luscious Lips

Lately, the traditional tube of lipstick has given way to small shiny bottles of lip gloss and stain. Sometimes they come in one package with a juicy, shiny color and applicator wand. Other times, you have stain in one bottle and a separate tube of clear, colored, shiny or matte gloss. Just looking at the … Read More

A Cheeky New Year

The eyes may be the windows to your soul, but your cheeks are the frameworks supporting them!  If yours aren’t the right shape, you also know there’s only so much you can do with makeup and contouring. Flat cheekbones, or perpetually chubby cheeks can pose a problem when you want your profile to be striking.  … Read More

Freshen Your Face Without Surgery or Injections

The holidays are past, with all the extra eating, drinking, and late nights. Everyone is ready to take a break from the heavy routines with lighter meals, exercise, and new self-care routines. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to treat yourself to a facial. At The K-Spa, we offer … Read More

Injectables…and Why You Need A Surgeon With Skills

If you do any sort of online searches for injectables like Botox or Kybella, you’ll see there is a wide range of prices and facilities that offer them. You’ll find them at large chain med-spas, like the ones you hear radio spots for, dermatologists, skin care clinics, plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Deals can be found, … Read More

It’s Not Science Fiction!

If you’ve ever read a Sci-Fi book or watched Star-Trek, you’ve probably seen or heard about lasers. In fiction, they can cure and kill, hurt and heal, making them one of the most powerful weapons and tools available. But what about real life? You might only have seen a real laser when it points at … Read More

Let’s Talk About Necks

Putting your best face forward includes your neck.  Have you paid attention to yours lately? Your neck skin needs as much moisturizing as your face, if not more.  Without the right care, it becomes lined, saggy, and can even start to waddle. And if you’ve ever carried a few — or more — extra pounds, … Read More

A New Nose For The New Year

Want a new nose, but not sure about the commitments involved for treatment? One of the newer procedures available is a non-surgical rhinoplasty. As a double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stong is on the leading edge of the latest techniques, including the “liquid nose job.”  While the method is not technically surgery, it does … Read More

The Windows For the Soul

“Look into my eyes…” It’s either the beginning to a 90’s love song or a hypnotist’s act; maybe it’s what you say when you’re trying to get your children to listen! No matter the context, it is clear that looking into someone’s eyes as they talk or sing to you can be a powerful thing. … Read More

Where Do I Start?

When asked, most people will be able to tell you their favorite and least favorite feature about themselves. “I love my hair, how shiny it is, and the sense of identity it gives me. But I hate my nose. See this little bumpy thing on the top? I’d get rid of that first thing!” or … Read More

A Season Of Thanks and Giving

In the United States, November seems to kick off a season of love, hope, giving, and thankfulness. There are lots of ways to help, whether you serve food at a local soup kitchen or build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Even when you can’t volunteer your time for a cause, donations of money, food, clothing, … Read More

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