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Atlanta Sun Spot Treatment

The K Spa, a Medical Skin Spa, offers a variety of effective treatments for sun spots, also known as hyperpigmentation. At the K Spa, we have found the most effective treatments for sun spots to be lasers and chemical peels. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and chemical peels designed to treat pigmentation have given our patients superior results. When combined with at home lightening products, our patients are able to achieve lasting results. Our medical aesthetician works with patients to customize skin care regimens that incorporate products designed to lighten and fade sun spots that compliment laser procedures and peels. Treatments performed in the office will do much of the work to correct pigmentation problems but in order to maintain these results, patients should also use targeted products on a daily basis. Sun protection is also extremely important when undergoing treatments to reverse sun damage as additional sun exposure can take away from the results.

Laser Treatment for Sun Damage

At the K Spa, our expert skin professionals have found light and laser treatments to be extremely effective in treating sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Specifically, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) works to get rid of brown pigment caused by the sun. We are proud to offer the Cutera Limelight which is designed to treat a variety of skin tones and has special safe guards to help protect the skin from burning. The procedure is comfortable and produces only a slight amount of downtime with redness that normally fades within a day or two and can be easily concealed with makeup. A series of six treatments spaced four weeks apart is recommended for best results. As well, patients should not be in the sun before and after treatments. Our medical aesthetician will offer tips on how to best protect the skin and maintain results by using targeted products at home on a daily basis.

Chemical Peel for Sun Damaged Skin

The K Spa Medical Skin Spa offers several chemical peel options for patients with sun damaged skin. Depending on other conditions present in the skin, our medical aesthetician will recommend a chemical peel protocol designed to make each patient’s skin look its absolute best. Chemical peels are formulated with pigment lightening agents that work on a deep level to even and brighten the skin. Chemical peels work to break down the intercellular cement that binds our cells together in order to produce an exfoliation of damaged skin.  Patients can expect to see smoother, more even skin after one peel. The peels we offer are all safe and effective and can be customized for each patient. Our medical aesthetician can discuss peel options with patients to find a protocol that best works for each individual taking into account skin type and conditions present. We recommend a series of chemical peels (normally 3-6) spaced about four weeks apart for optimum results. The downtime will vary with each peel and our aesthetician will discuss all these important details with patients prior to treatment.

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Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.