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Forehead Reduction Surgery

Loss of hair on the hairline above the forehead is a common issue in women as well as some men. This can make the forehead appear longer or larger, changing the overall look of the face. With forehead reduction surgery, our cosmetic surgeon at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery can move the hairline forward or lower, creating a more youthful appearance for the patient.

With forehead reduction surgery, a hair transplant is performed to add up to 2 to 3 cm to the hairline above the forehead. This is beneficial for women that have had thinning hair combined with a receding hairline that makes their forehead appear larger. Excellent candidates for this procedure have not had significant hair loss or receding hair in the last year but a sustained loss that has not increased. The results can produce a hairline that looks natural while still appropriate for the age of the patient.

Hairline Lowering

Hairline receding can occur for many reasons including genetics, aging, hairstyles that pull, and health issues. Hairline lowering is most commonly used in women that want to lower their hairline to reduce the appearance of the size of their forehead. While hairline lowering is a more common procedure for women, hairline lowering is appropriate for some men as well. For men, it is important that the patient does not have male pattern baldness and has stabilized in their hair loss in the last year.

The amount that a typical hairline lowering surgery can lower the hairline depends on scalp mobility and laxity and the amount will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Stong will be able to advise you and set the right expectations based on your individual scalp and circumstances.  Hairline lowering can also be combined with other cosmetic surgeries like an eyelid or brow lift, improving the youthful appearance of both the face and forehead.

Dr. Benjamin Stong is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon that is experienced in hair transplants and many other plastic surgery procedures. We utilize the Neograft system for hair transplant surgeries that offer the best results without scarring and a quick recovery. To learn more about forehead reduction surgery, contact our office today to schedule a consultation at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC.

Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.