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Plastic Surgery of the Nose

When it comes to the ideal appearance of the nose, balance is critical. Not only should the nose be symmetrical within itself, but it should also be in proper proportion with the rest of the face. Although it is located as a central focal point of the face, it should not attract attention. Your nose should allow attention to be drawn to the more attractive and desirable facial features, such as your eyes and lips. If your nose is a distraction from your natural beauty, plastic surgery of the nose can be an excellent solution.

Nose plastic surgery is used in a variety of situations, including after an injury or trauma, to treat rhinophyma (severe rosacea symptoms) or to correct an unattractive nose that you were born with. There are a variety of nose surgery procedures and techniques to accomplish a patient’s specific goals. At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, we offer the following nose procedures:

Dr. Stong is a highly regarded facial plastic surgeon who is a dual board certified and reputable leader in nasal plastic surgery. He performs the most distinguished rhinoplasty techniques as well as revision rhinoplasty and non-surgical nose jobs. Whether he is reshaping the nose, reducing its size, or improving a bulbous tip, Dr. Stong implements advanced techniques to help you achieve your specific goals.

Dr. Stong is exceptionally equipped with the talent and skill it takes to overcome the unique challenges of nasal plastic surgery. It takes a highly experienced surgeon to provide favorable results with consideration to the proportion of the nose with the other facial features, the importance of its breathing function, and the delicate work that must be done to achieve ideal form and function.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, contact us today to learn more about our nose surgery procedures. You may also choose to combine your nose surgery with another facial reconstructive procedure at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC.

FAQs for Cosmetic Nose Surgery:

What is a nose job?
A nose job is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose and improve its cosmetic appearance. There are a variety of nose job techniques. A nose job should enhance a patient’s facial harmony by improving the proportions of the nose. Dr. Stong offers a nose job to address the size and asymmetry of the nose, nostril width, a hump or depression on the bridge as well an enlarged, drooping, or hooked nasal tip.
Am I a candidate for a nose job?
Dr. Stong will determine your candidacy for a nose job with consideration to several factors, including the degree of deformity, skin type, ethnicity, and age. He will also explain the specific factors that may impact your results, such as the quality or strength of the lower lateral cartilages and nasal skin, the size and shape of the nasal bones, and the current degree of nasal symmetry. Those who have moderate skin thickness and strong nasal cartilages tend to have better results.
Is a nose job the same thing as a rhinoplasty?
Yes, a nose job is technically termed “rhinoplasty.” Dr. Stong performs multiple rhinoplasty techniques, including those that address the size, bridge, tip, nostrils and symmetry of the nose. A rhinoplasty can be performed open (a small incision in the columella) or closed (performed inside the nose with no outside incisions).
What is a Revision Rhinoplasty?
It is not uncommon for patients to want a revision rhinoplasty after receiving poor results from a previous nose job. This can be a consequence of a nose job that was performed too aggressively or inadequately executed. Dr. Stong offers many revision rhinoplasty techniques depending on your unique needs. A revision rhinoplasty may include simple removal of bone or cartilage or more complex nasal restructuring. Dr. Stong carefully considers both the aesthetics and function of your nose when planning the revision procedure.
Am I a candidate for a revision rhinoplasty?
If the results of your nose job are poor, revision rhinoplasty can help you achieve the results you had originally hoped for. Some patients are left with undesirable nasal features after a previous nose job, such as a remaining nasal hump or a nasal tip that is too wide, drooping, or undefined. Dr. Stong uses his talented artistry and exceptional skills in revision surgery to soften, balance and refine these nasal features. Although our goal at Kalos Plastic Surgery is to get a nose job right the first time, you can still achieve balanced and natural-looking results with a revision surgery if you choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.
What is a liquid nose job or nonsurgical rhinoplasty?
A liquid nose job is a non-surgical procedure that is simple and provides instant results with almost no downtime. Although a liquid nose job is not a permanent solution, the results are completely reversible. Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the strategic selection and placement of facial fillers for patients who want minor changes to the appearance of their nose, such as bumps or depressions. A liquid nose job does not change the bone and cartilage structure of the nose, as it can only camouflage and soften undesirable features.
How is a liquid nose job performed?
Dr. Stong uses a careful selection of facial fillers to address each patient’s specific needs. Fillers such Juvederm and Restylane are excellent options to correct minor characteristics and soften and improve the overall appearance of the nose. Dr. Stong uses skilled and talented placement of these fillers to create the most natural-looking results. Your liquid nose job may include the use of Dr. Stong’s Cannula Technique, which is a less painful and bruise-free injection technique that strongly benefits his patients’ experience and recovery.
What is Rhinophyma?
Rhinophyma is a rare skin disorder that usually occurs in severe rosacea. It is marked by thickening skin, a gradual growth of swollen, bulbous shaped oil glands of the skin, enlarged pores, reddish skin tone, visible blood vessels and a rough or waxy appearance on the nose. Dr. Stong is qualified to treat severe rosacea and its unwanted effects on the nose using a variety of surgical and non-surgical methods, including scalpel, laser, electrosurgery and dermabrasion.
How is Rhinophyma treated surgically?
The surgical treatment of rhinophyma can provide dramatic cosmetic improvement by reshaping a disfigured nose, minimizing enlarged blood vessels and removing tissue overgrowth. The surgical techniques that are used are based upon the severity of your rhinophyma symptoms. In general, the goal is to restore the original shape of the nose, soften the nasal appearance, and restore natural proportion and balance throughout the nose subunit.
What is a nasal fracture?
A broken nose is a fracture or crack in one or both of the nasal bones. It can be painful, embarrassing and compromise both your facial appearance and nasal function. Nasal fractures are one of the most common broken bones in the body due to its protruding location.
How is a nasal fracture treated?
Nasal fractures generally need to be diagnosed and treated within the first 7 to 10 days before the bones heal in an unnatural position. If the nasal fracture is not shifted or displaced, it generally needs no treatment at all. Nasal fractures that are shifted, causing disfigurement, are most commonly treated through a closed reduction approach in which the nasal bones are restored to their natural position. This approach involves a cast or splint but no incisions. Less commonly in cases of severe trauma, an open rhinoplasty approach may be necessary to move the bones and cartilages back into place. This technique is also known as an open reduction.
When do nasal fractures need to be treated with a rhinoplasty?
Unfortunately, nasal fractures are too often ignored until after healing is complete. Choosing not to correct your nasal fracture could result in long-term damage to your nose, both cosmetically and functionally. The nose involves a delicate combination of cartilage and bones that must be precisely aligned to create an attractive and balanced appearance. A rhinoplasty can address the areas of your nose that are misshapen following the injury. Dr. Stong is able to deliver the most effective nasal fracture treatments when patients see us as soon as possible after an injury. Choosing an experienced facial plastic surgeon can ensure you regain optimal function of your nose with the highest regard to cosmetic appearance.

Detailed Nose Job FAQ

Rhinoplasty and other Surgeries of the Nose


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