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Atlanta Rosacea Treatments

The K Spa Medical Skin Spa offers many treatments that can help with rosacea. It is estimated that 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea. Many times, in attempts to make rosacea better, patients will use at home products that can actually worsen the condition. It is important to see a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis first, but for patients who have tried various therapies without success, we recommend patients seek a consultation with our staff at the K Spa for alternative treatment option recommendations. Rosacea patients are not always able to tolerate active products and treatment regimens, and our staff understands the sensitive nature of treating patients with rosacea. We work to ensure our patients see results without aggravating preexisting skin conditions. Specifically, when treating rosacea, we have found that laser treatments, facials designed for sensitive skin and various skin care products can be beneficial.

Rosacea Laser Treatment

The K Spa is proud to offer the Two Dimensional Laser Facial treatment for rosacea. This treatment combines Laser Genesis (1064Nd: YAG) and Limelight IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to deliver exceptional results. The “2-D” treatment is noninvasive and has little downtime. It is a comfortable and easy treatment that can be done during a lunch break. This treatment works to treat the vascular components of rosacea on a superficial and deep level. During treatment, the Laser Genesis is performed over the entire face first and IPL immediately follows. This treatment works to alleviate diffuse redness and the deep vascular components that make the condition persistent and difficult to treat. The treatment also works to build collagen and minimize the appearance of large pores, scars or other textural irregularities. For patients with other skin conditions such as photo aging or scaring, the treatment can be effective at addressing multiple issues. A series of six treatments spaced four weeks apart is recommended for best results.

Rosacea Facial Treatment

For patients with mild rosacea, regular facial treatments designed to treat sensitive skin can be very beneficial. The K Spa offers our signature Calming Facial treatment that utilizes soothing antioxidants to bring back hydration to the skin. Many times, patients with rosacea or sensitive skin cannot tolerate facial treatments that can be irritating to already sensitive skin. It is always a good idea to practice routine skin maintenance and our Calming Facial gives patients with rosacea and sensitive skin that option. Our medical aesthetician has worked with numerous patients with rosacea and will help customize a skin care regimen that can help alleviate rosacea. We are pleased to carry a variety of professional, medical grade skin care products that are indicated for rosacea patients. Due to the sensitive nature of the condition, it is important to find an experienced skin care professional and a reputable office. At the K Spa, we emphasize the importance of consultations prior to treatment in order to best serve our patients.

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