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Lip Lift

womans mouth after Lip LiftDo your lips project a constant sad or angry expression that is making you look unhappy or older than you really are? The lips, along with other features of the face, have a tendency to sag and lose fullness as we age. With diminishing support and elasticity of the skin, the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip gets longer over time. Whether you are facing these signs of aging or you were born with naturally thin or unbalanced lips, an upper lip lift procedure can be an excellent solution to restore a more youthful, happy and even sensual appearance.

Dr. Benjamin Stong is an elite facial plastic surgeon who uses this lip augmentation procedure to provide natural looking and long-term results and help patients avoid the need for lip implants or repeated lip filler injections.

The lip lift is commonly used to reduce the vertical height of the upper lip as well as improve the definition and contour of the lip. This can create a slight eversion of the upper lip, which leads to a more attractive appearance to casual observers. A lip lift procedure can be performed on both young and old patients and is easily done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort.

The best candidates for a lip lift are those that desire the following:

  • More permanent and better results than injectable fillers
  • Improve lips that have aged and become thin, shapeless or sagging
  • Correct an upper lip that appears too long
  • Correct the appearance of heavy or over-injected lip
  • Shorten upper lip length and increase show of the upper teeth
  • Balance and improve lips that are naturally disproportioned, inverted or thin

Upper Lip Lift Procedures

Dr. Stong offers a variety of surgical techniques to lift the upper lip and improve its appearance. The subnasal lip lift and the corner lip lift are two of the most common procedures used to address thinning lips, sagging lips and lengthening of the upper lip due to age.

Subnasal (Bullhorn) Lip Lift

A subnasal lift addresses an upper lip that appears too long, which can often cover too much of the upper teeth when at rest. This procedure increases the appearance of the volume of the upper lip and restores balance and proportion between the upper lip and lower lip. During a subnasal lip lift, Dr. Stong places an incision just underneath the shadow of the nose. A small strip of skin is removed and the upper lip is tightened to raise the upper lip to a more ideal position. Scarring with a bullhorn lip lift is unnoticeable. The procedures is commonly done under local anesthesia, which reduces the cost and associated down time. In general, patients are fully recovered within a week after a subnasal lip lift.

Corner Mouth Lip Lift

A corner lip lift is performed for patients whose outer corners of their lips turn downward, which often projects a sad, angry and aged appearance. Using this technique, the incisions are made along the edge of the upper outer lips. Dr. Stong will remove a tiny triangular area of skin at each corner of the mouth. This enables the lips to have a slight upward turn for a more youthful content, and happy appearance.

To learn more about our Lip Lift Procedures at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, please contact us today. Dr. Stong will take the time to understand your unique concerns and help you determine which lip lift technique will bring you the most youthful and attractive results. We are happy to discuss other Lip Rejuvenation Procedures that may benefit you, such as lip augmentation, lip grafting or non-surgical fillers to restore volume to your lips.

The Lip Lift Before and After Photos

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Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.