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Before and After Photos

Deciding to improve your appearance through plastic surgery is a major decision, as is the choice of a plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, we have performed over 2,000 surgeries for our patients with exceptional results. Our before and after photos highlight the world-class results we have achieved for our patients, offering a visual insight to why you should choose us for your procedure.

When deciding to undergo facial plastic surgery, you want a highly experienced and credentialed facial plastic surgeon you can trust. Dr. Benjamin C. Stong is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon that was fellowship trained as part of his extensive education. He has received many accolades and is esteemed in his profession for his artistic talent and skills. While his credentials are impressive, when it comes to plastic surgery, you want more than a resume of experience about your surgeon; you want to see visual results.

A master class plastic surgeon does not just have testimonials and framed degrees on their wall. They can also provide you with before and after photos that tell the tale of their skill and expertise. After all, when you are choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure, the final visual results are what will matter most. Our collection of before and after photos are excellent examples of Dr. Stong’s skill and abilities as a master class facial plastic surgeon that offers world-class results.

Proof Is in the Pictures

If you are choosing to have a facelift, rhinoplasty or another facial plastic surgery, you want the best surgeon for your procedure. You do not want to choose your surgeon based on promises or the price they charge for their services. This is a decision to change your appearance, something you will see every day when you look in the mirror. While education, experience and credentials are important, before and after photos can give you tangible evidence to help you make your decision.

Many plastic surgeons claim they are experts at performing certain procedures and make promises of results. However, without pictures of their work, you cannot be assured of the results. Our before and after pictures of Dr. Stong’s work allow you to see with your own eyes how effective his skills can be in transforming the faces of our patients. Study the pictures we have compiled and look at the difference between the before and after photos. Also, look for evidence of surgery. Dr. Stong strives to create natural-appearing results that do not look “fake” or overdone. You will notice the “after” photos show results that look natural – you would never know the person had plastic surgery if you met them on the street.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, we are not afraid to show our work. We are proud of the results we have obtained for our patients and meet the challenge of proving these results. As a master class facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Stong does not hide behind his credentials and education. He offers visual results in many before and after photos so you can see his talent for yourself. Take the time to closely inspect the various photos we have available on this page to judge Dr. Stong’s expertise and artistic ability. Few other facial plastic surgeons can offer the diverse visual evidence that we have compiled in our before and after photos.

When it comes to excellence in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Benjamin Stong and our expert team at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC, can provide the results you desire. Take the time to peruse our collection of before and after photos – then contact our office in Atlanta today to schedule your private consultation.

Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.