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Atlanta Non-Surgical Eye Lift

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional eyelid surgery? Turn to Atlanta’s leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stong. He is highly qualified to perform a full range of facial cosmetic services, including non-surgical eye lift procedures. For patients who do not wish to undergo eye and brow lift surgery to regain a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance, the liquid eye lift procedure is the ideal solution. Dr. Stong is a Fellowship trained, dual board certified plastic surgeon who utilizes the latest advancements and technique to effectively restore balance and beauty to aging skin around the eyes. Our office is committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care with personalized attention to your specific eye lift goals and expectations. You can trust Dr. Stong for excellence in a full range of non-surgical facial cosmetic options, including liquid facelifts and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

What is a Liquid Eye Lift?

Although surgical eye lift procedures are still frequently used, the liquid eye lift is quickly gaining attention an excellent solution for treating the signs of aging around the eyes in a quick, non-invasive method. As we age, our skin loses structure and volume as well as collagen. This results in the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, and folds in the face and around the eyes. The liquid eye lift can successfully restore an overall more youthful and natural appearance by using a combination of injectables or facial fillers.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, we give patients a bruise-free, painless injectable option using the Cannula Technique. With access to a variety of facial filler types and his expertise in refined injection technique, Dr. Stong will customize your liquid eye lift to match your ideal results. A liquid eye lift plumps the soft tissue around the smoothing bags of the lower eyelid. This non-surgical procedure can even improve the contour and volume in your cheek as well as create a softer contour at the brow line. The liquid face-lift has the overwhelming advantage of giving patients an instant radiant and rejuvenated look without invasive surgery. You can expect your results to last up to 2 years, depending on the specific type of injectable or combination of facial fillers that Dr. Stong chooses to use.

To learn more about the benefits of a non-surgical eye lift procedure, contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC today. Our Liquid Facelift specialist is known for helping patients achieve a balanced, youthful and natural facial appearance in the most non-invasive methods available.

Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Benjamin Stong. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.