Making the Most of Minimally Invasive Procedures

For some, the thought of full cosmetic surgery can be a source of fear, uncertainty, or anxiety. They aren’t comfortable with the notion of invasive surgical procedures or the time it could potentially take to recover. That may be why, in 2014 alone, nearly 14 million minimally invasive procedures were performed in the United States, … Read More

Better Skin with Belotero

Summer is here, and that means more than just soaking up the rays. It means being more aware of the toll that the sun can take on the delicate skin of your face. Aside from being the culprit for sunspots, UV radiation is also responsible for the breakdown of collagen in the skin, which results … Read More

Botox is Mary Louise Parker’s BFF

While some in Hollywood are brave enough to undergo extreme plastic surgery in order to look as youthful and beautiful as possible, there are a few who are more subtle in their “abilities” to stay young. Mary Louise Parker is one who has chosen to work with her natural assets and simply work against aging … Read More

Cosmetic Mole Removal

Moles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and appearances and they can be found just about anywhere on the body. For many people, moles cause no problems and are on the body for life. However, others find that their moles are in unwanted places, causing them to feel self-conscious, or they are easily irritated by … Read More

Mike Jeffries’ Plastic Surgery

Mike Jeffries is no stranger to the attention of the media. With comments about how “only good looking people should work in an Abercrombie & Fitch store,” and how he did not create this company “for unattractive people” – Mike Jeffries brings much controversy to himself. Another point of controversy is that he was never … Read More

Male Facial Cosmetic Surgery

For years, cosmetic surgery was something that only aging women chose to have done. However, most plastic surgery practices have seen a rise in male patients. In fact, men now comprise over 25% of all plastic surgery patients in the United States. Men age just like women do, and they have become increasingly aware of … Read More

Raquel Welch Stuns at 75

Known best for her emerging role in One Million Years BC, Raquel Welch’s beauty is above par when it comes to Hollywood stars. While her love life has been rather turbulent over the years, her ageless appearance has kept fans in awe for decades. Pictures of this 75 year old star are almost unbelievable as … Read More

Lip Grafting

As we age it seems that everything begins to fall flat. For some people, it’s their butts that are flat and cause them to feel self-conscious. For others, it is their lips. Aging of the lips causes the lips to lose soft tissue and muscle volume, resulting in lips that can look deflated and wrinkled. … Read More

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly’s Evolving Face

It is no secret that anyone on TV or the big movie screen is constantly under scrutiny for his or her appearance. However, perhaps none are more scrutinized than female news anchors. Seen almost every single day of the year, news anchors have a very difficult time masking any flaws on their faces. Fox News … Read More

Facial Liposculpture

The effects of aging can be found everywhere on the human body from our joints, to mobility, to shrinking a half-inch or more, to skin issues. The most common aging issues that affect the skin are found on the face. While some view these changes as signs of character, many view them as unwanted signs … Read More

Melanie Griffith’s Tragic Plastic Surgeries

Melanie Griffith has been known in the Hollywood circle since her role in Working Girl in 1988. However, the Melanie of 1988 looks almost unrecognizable as the Melanie Griffith of 2015. While the actress blames a great deal of her tragic beauty circumstances on her failed relationships saying that she has always wanted a permanent … Read More

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