Think About Your Ears: Plastic Surgery Implications

Your ears: though they provide the soundtrack to your life, you probably don’t think about them except when you run a q-tip around the outside after your shower or put your earrings in. But if your ears stick out from your head or have “lop ear” deformity, you might think about them a lot more … Read More

Lose The Scars

“Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” If you look, you’ll find an ample supply of quotes and platitudes about scars and how they are a reminder of strength, how they tell your story. But the truth is that sometimes, you don’t want your … Read More

What About That Sunburn?

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…. “ Arguably, the best place to be in the summer is outside. Firing up the grill, fishing on the lake, relaxing at the pool, watching your kids run through a sprinkler; there are 1001 amusements to keep you entertained outside during the summer heat. When you do go outside, … Read More

Love Your Lips

Your smile makes a big first impression! But if your lips have thinned, are asymmetrical, or have a downward cast, you might not be making the right impression! There are lots of over-the-counter products that claim to enhance your lips. Even if they have a temporary effect, what happens when it wears off? You’re back … Read More

Facials at the K-Spa

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Acne scarring from your teen years? Fine lines showing up where there were never any before? As you age, your skin gets papery thin and loses its luster, appearing dull, mottled, or even lifeless. If you want to get back that youthful glow, call the K-Spa by … Read More

Doing Good For The World

What comes to mind when you think plastic and cosmetic surgery? Do you fear people think that it’s superficial? Tummy tucks and facelifts, people trying to regain the glory of their youth or trying to look photo shopped in real life? Maybe you think it’s sad how society has fallen to the god of self-image. … Read More

The Thick Blue Lines

Summer approaches, and with it the show of skin: on your shoulders, midriff, back, and legs. You can’t wait to feel the refreshing warmth of the sun on your skin. But perhaps you tend toward pants or long capris, even in the sweltering summer heat and humidity.

“Why Are You Mad?”

You just got off the phone with your spouse after making weekend plans. You had to park a half mile away and hike in to the office. You’re in the middle of a big, important presentation. In each case, the question, “Why are you mad?” takes you off guard. You’re not mad! You’re excited, you’re … Read More

Cosmetic Injectables! Which One is Right for You?

Need a little cosmetic boost, but don’t want to have surgery? We can do that! Want to get an idea of what you might look like with a surgical facelift? We can do that too! The new generation of medical cosmetic treatment is in injectables and Kalos Plastic Surgery is the place to go. In … Read More

My Chin Still Sags!

At the beginning of the year, maybe the beginning of last year, you made a resolution to lose weight. Not only did you stick with your resolution, you made it to your goal weight and you should be so proud of what you accomplished; a healthy and fit body with lots of energy. You look … Read More

Facelifts For Men

When you hear the word facelift, I bet you think of Joan Rivers. I do. I see a woman who seemingly was addicted to looking more and more youthful, regardless of her age and regardless of how unnatural her appearance became. Let me stop you right there and say that facelifts don’t have to be … Read More

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