Neurotoxins Q & A

We break down the most common questions regarding neurotoxins (Botox, Xeomin & Dysport). Q: Is there a difference between the three neurotoxins? Which one is best? A: There isn’t much of a difference between the three competing products aside from the chemical makeup. Dysport sets in a couple days faster than the other two but … Read More

Teenage Plastic Surgery

Let’s face it, kids can be cruel. During adolescent years, self-confidence can be low, especially if peers are pointing out physical flaws. Most teens seek plastic surgery to improve their appearance and overall self-esteem. Although many people may view teen plastic surgery as inappropriate or premature, the benefits of improving one’s self-esteem can be invaluable. … Read More

Flawless Faces

We love seeing Hollywood stars without makeup! It reminds us they actually don’t roll out of bed looking fabulous every morning. We always hear celebs talk about how they use minimal makeup on their unblemished skin while the rest of us sulk with envy. The older we get, the more makeup we may need to … Read More

Ultherapy: Hot or Hype?

There is a lot of hype about Ultherapy, the non-surgical cosmetic tightening procedure that uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate the creation of collagen in the deep layers of the skin as well as targeting and tightening of the SMAS layer of the face through heat energy from the ultrasound waves. Ultherapy is not a lifting … Read More

The Matchmaker’s Makeover

The Millionaire Matchmaker looks like a million bucks! Patty Stanger is known for her straight shooting, sometimes harsh approach to helping millionaires find true love with regular people. Her hit show on Bravo, Millionaire Matchmaker has been entertaining reality TV lovers (like us) for five years. Patty recently stepped out on the red carpet with … Read More

Coming Soon- Long Lasting Volume!

Voluma is coming to the States! The makers of Juvederm have perfected a long lasting facial injectable that restores volume to the face, giving it a softer, more youthful look. Already available in Canada and Europe, Voluma is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers that claims to last up to 18 months! This … Read More

Brow Lifts: Defying Gravity

As we age, gravity becomes our biggest enemy. Deep wrinkles form in the forehead and drooping in the brow area can occur, portraying a tired or sad facial expression. Botox and other neuromuscular toxins are great options for temporarily lifting the forehead and brow area early on. However, for patients who are seeking a more … Read More

Younger Looking Hands with Lumiquin

The hands give away one’s age more than we know. We spend so much time caring for the skin on our face but we often neglect to give the same attention to our hands. Sun protection on a daily basis is of utmost importance, of course. Throughout the day, the delicate skin of the hands … Read More

Plastic Surgery- Not Just a “Girl Thing”

Unfortunately, society has placed a stereotype on women who undergo plastic surgery as being vain and self-absorbed. The truth is: men want to look just as good as women! There is no shame in wanting to look your best and even different if that’s what you prefer. Recent statistics reported that cosmetic procedures for men … Read More

Blake Lively: Fashion Icon

Calling all fashionistas! We are obsessed with actress Blake Lively’s effortless style. Her laid back day-time  look is natural but always perfectly put together. How can someone look so amazing in a white tee shirt and denim shorts?! Blake has an ideal body type- slender build, long legs, beach wave blonde hair, and bronzed skin … Read More

Younger Hands with Laser Treatments

When we talk about “skin care” we normally associate the term with the face. We spend lots of time, effort and money on facial anti-aging products and treatments but we often forget to treat the skin on our hands. When it comes to aging, the hands can reveal someone’s age pretty easily. Patients always want … Read More

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