The Versatility of IPL

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or “Photofacial” treatments have gained popularity in recent years for patients desiring to correct pigmentation and textural irregularities in their skin. IPL targets redness from vessels as well as brown pigment from sun damage. One major challenge with certain IPL technology is the inability to treat a variety of skin types … Read More


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Put Your Best Neck Forward

The neck is always a good indicator of a person’s age. Time, overexposure to sun, improper skin care, and a poor diet can result in loose sagging skin along the jaw line, visible banding of the muscles beneath the chin with excess skin (neck waddle), and loose jowls which decrease the definition of the lower … Read More

Mini Lift, Big Results

After years of touch-up with Botox, fillers, lasers, and anti-aging products, it may be evident that only surgery will provide the results you desire. A facelift can sound like a scary procedure, but it has a virtually painless recovery and offers dramatic improvement. There are many different types of facelifts you can choose from based … Read More

Summer Skin Care

While it is important to practice good skin care year-round, in the summer, it is most important to protect your skin from the powerful and damaging rays of the sun.  Not only can the sun cause pre-mature aging, but it also can cause skin cancer.  This summer, we recommend two products for ultimate skin protection: … Read More

Upper Eyelid Lift with Local Anesthesia

Did you know you can surgically lift your eyes in our office? An upper blepharoplasty eye lift can be performed under local anesthesia resulting in little to no pain or discomfort. The surgery is ideal for those who have excess skin or drooping eyelids. Typical complaints from those seeking an eye lift are “people always … Read More

Skin Care Trends: BB and CC Creams

We have all heard of “BB” and “CC” creams, the newest and trendiest products to grace the shelves of Sephora and beyond. I was just getting used to the idea of the BB cream when came the arrival of the CC cream. Recently a patient asked me my thoughts on these products and if I … Read More

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

I’m often asked, “Does ethnicity play a role in rhinoplasty technique?” Absolutely! Ethnic cosmetic surgery is on the rise with rhinoplasty being the most requested surgery. Every patient’s rhinoplasty is different regardless of ethnicity. In order for the nose to appear balanced and look natural, each individual’s specific facial features are taken into account. However, … Read More

Laser Facial Treatments

It seems that non-surgical cosmetic procedures are moving towards lasers. Nowadays, it is possible to get fast, effective results from advancements in laser technology. If we no longer want to shave, we can opt for laser hair removal. If we are concerned about unsightly leg veins, there’s a laser for that, too. Recently, facial treatments … Read More

Facelift Recovery Period

The first question patients ask when considering any facial cosmetic surgery is “what is the recovery period?” We all have busy lives and very few people have the downtime to fully recover before appearing in public. Believe it or not, facelift recovery periods are not as bad as most would think. It generally takes about … Read More

Plastic Surgery for Children?

There has been an increase in media attention surrounding children and elective plastic surgery. Should parents accept their children as they are or should they protect them from potential self-confidence issues or teasing from their peers? Everyone has an opinion on the matter, but with the help of a trusted facial plastic surgeon, parents will … Read More

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