The Skinny on Skin Cancer

Although we are inundated with facts and fears about skin cancer, the number of cases continues to rise every year. Because 80% of skin cancers occur on the scalp, face, and neck, I unfortunately see the damage that skin cancer causes on a daily basis. There are two main categories of skin cancers, melanoma and … Read More

Love your Lips

Full, plump lips are considered a sign of beauty and sensuality. Some of us were born with thin lips or lose our original fullness with age. Most patients seek lip enhancement because they feel their lips are too thin, they are drooping, or they are wrinkled. Whatever the reason, lip enhancement is a commonly desired … Read More

The Fear of Facelifts

I see patients weekly with very similar issues; Sagging skin with loss of elasticity and volume, fine lines and wrinkles. After a certain point in age, fillers and injectables can only do so much. Sometimes surgery is the only option to achieve exactly what the patient is seeking; a younger appearance. The word “facelift” can … Read More

Earlobe Repair

We get numerous calls from both men and women who have stretched or torn earlobes they want to have repaired. Earlobe repair is typically performed on patients to fix the damage and stretching that wearing heavy earrings has created or from a trauma to the earlobe. Someone who has a piercing that’s close to the … Read More

The Botulinum Dilemma

I have had patients ask me recently, “What’s the difference between Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin?” The three neuromuscular relaxants/modulators are all very similar and effective at treating and delaying the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. These types of medications are now being used as preventative and maintenance therapies in addition to their original  indication … Read More

Social Technology’s Mirror

With literally billions of people participating on social media websites, we are seeing ourselves in a whole new light. Our profile picture on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is a first impression to those who view us. I have noticed that many people tend to perceive themselves differently online than in the mirror. I … Read More

A Natural Approach to Facial Plastic Surgery

A common apprehension about undergoing facial cosmetic surgery is an unnatural, “plastic” or frozen look. My philosophy is that by using contemporary techniques and understanding individual goals, patients will achieve natural results as well as a rejuvenated appearance. I have many patients who tell me they want to look younger and refreshed without looking artificial. … Read More

Revision Rhinoplasty

Did you make the life changing decision to have rhinoplasty surgery only to be disappointed in your results? If your nose augmentation surgery did not achieve the results you were anticipating, you may be a good candidate for Revision Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that is designed to repair problems related to the … Read More

Benefits of Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Advancements in laser technology can help you achieve younger looking skin by effectively reversing the signs of aging. There are many benefits of Laser Skin Rejuvenation for all skin types. If father time and endless hours in the sun have taken their toll on your skin, you may want to consider Laser Skin Rejuvenation. There … Read More

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon Announces new Painless and Bruise Free Injectable Facial Fillers technique

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stong of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery is the first Atlanta clinician to offer a new, innovative injection technique for facial fillers that is pain-free and bruise-free. Patients can expect a more comfortable experience with no social downtime. “The main hesitation concerning injectables is the amount of pain and bruising associated … Read More

Atlanta Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Less is not Necessarily More

Facial cosmetic surgery is a very personal and monumental decision.  Universally, all patients want the best outcomes.  In today’s corporatized America, with heavily influential marketing spin, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and even practitioners promote a less is more mentality to push products and services that often over promise and under deliver on the results.  … Read More

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