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Cosmetic Injectables! Which One is Right for You?

Need a little cosmetic boost, but don’t want to have surgery? We can do that! Want to get an idea of what you might look like with a surgical facelift? We can do that too! The new generation of medical cosmetic treatment is in injectables and Kalos Plastic Surgery is the place to go.

In general, there are three types of injection options: Neuro-modulators, Facial fillers, and Kybella. Each has a different use and purpose, but all can be used to help you achieve smoother skin and a more beautiful appearance.

Neuro-modulators, like Botox, are designed to trigger muscles that are always flexed, relaxing them and smoothing the lines they cause. If you are always squinting at a monitor or have a “RBF”, you know which muscles we mean!

Facial Fillers differ from neuro-modulators because they don’t work on muscles. They are intended to fill out the folds of skin and hollows around bone that appear with natural aging. There are many different types, and Dr. Stong will know which is right for you!

Kybella, the third injectable we offer, works on fatty tissue, such as that of a double chin. It mimics a natural acid produced in our bodies, piercing the membrane of the fat cells, essentially dissolving them. The fat gets reabsorbed into the body, but not under the chin!

Don’t Injections Cause Bruising?

Only if your doctor is using a specific type of needle or method. Fortunately, Dr. Stong is one of very few plastic surgeons administering injections with a newer technique that does not cause bruising: blunt tipped cannulas!

Kalos Plastic Surgery is committed to revealing a more youthful you. Call our Atlanta offices today to schedule your consultation!

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