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Think About Your Ears: Plastic Surgery Implications

Your ears: though they provide the soundtrack to your life, you probably don’t think about them except when you run a q-tip around the outside after your shower or put your earrings in. But if your ears stick out from your head or have “lop ear” deformity, you might think about them a lot more than you wish you had to.

Unusual ear formations are typically a congenital issue, present at birth. A child’s ears will grow until about age 4, when they reach their adult size. Shortly after, most kids enter a school system and their sense of self-esteem begins developing. Physical differences of this nature can cause teasing and bullying.

Can it be Fixed?

An otoplasty is a simple procedure that corrects ear deformities. While it is mainly performed on children between 4 and 14, it is also safe for adults with no additional risks. Double board certified plastic surgeon, Benjamin Stong has kids of his own; and he knows just how important their early experiences are, and how they can create a lasting impact. He is gentle and especially considerate and kind to his youngest patients, walking them and their parents through the surgery and recovery period!

Schedule Your Consultation!

At Kalos Plastic Surgery, your mental well-being is as important to us as your physical health. If your ears embarrass you, or if your child’s ears seem to be bothering her, plan an appointment for a consultation to see what options may be available to help. We can make sure that your ears lay nicely in a way that compliments your appearance, so as not to attract too much attention and that the structures and whorls of the outer ear are more aesthetically pleasing.

Check out our picture gallery of before and after photos and testimonials. You’ll find that Dr. Stong is the best choice for your aesthetic ear correction!

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