Rhinoplasty for Men

While many people associate plastic surgery with vain women who want assets to flaunt, the truth is plastic surgery is for everyone – male and female – who wise to alter or improve their appearance. Plastic surgery for men has been on the rise in the last decade, with male rhinoplasty topping the list of … Read More

Kylie Jenner’s Lips

While this 17 year old may wish to continue her charade of “Oh no I didn’t” to the media, there is absolutely no doubt that this young Jenner/Kardashian family member has had her lips altered. Pictures of Kylie Jenner from just a couple of years ago reveal that her lips have changed dramatically. While certain … Read More

Male Facelift Surgery

Dr. Benjamin C. Stong leads Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC as a Fellowship trained dual board facial plastic surgeon. He has been performing make facelift surgery with successful results for many years. For a man, the face can have a significant impact on his career, personal life, and self-confidence. As men age, they lose definition … Read More

Lady Gaga – Always Sparking Conversation

Lady Gaga is no stranger to controversy or having her name thrown around in conversation. From wearing nothing but raw meat during concerts to extreme makeup and shoe choices, sparking conversation about whether or not she has had plastic surgery seems almost petty. However, just two years ago Lady Gaga was adamant that she would … Read More

Scar Revision

People acquire scars on their bodies for any number of reasons. Falling down while playing a sport, falling while learning to ride a bike, surgery needed to repair a broken bone – all are relatively common. However, scars that are on the face are often not as common, nor are they as easy to ignore. … Read More

Demi Moore’s Ever Youthful Face

There is no denying that Demi Moore is astonishingly beautiful At 50 years old, her face defies her age. While Demi apparently feels ashamed that she has had work done because she has repeatedly denied it, it is more than obvious that this 50-year-old star has undergone quite a bit of work to achieve such … Read More

Botox for Forehead Wrinkles

Many people talk with their entire face. They are animated, engaging, and able to captivate an audience. While these qualifications can be a good thing for a mom who is a great story-teller, an employee who is trying to win a promotion, or a friend enjoying life – these can also be causes of wrinkles … Read More

Michelle Pfeiffer Looks Better with Age

There are some women that other women hate (read: secretly admire and wish it was them) due to how they look better with age instead of worse. Michelle Pfeiffer is one of those women in Hollywood who seems to never lose her attractiveness. The 56-year-old actress is as beautiful today as she has ever been. … Read More

Mini Face Lift

Men and women of all ethnic backgrounds all have one thing in common: they age. As people age they lose the firmness and fullness in their facial features that result in wrinkles and sagging skin. While this aging process is completely natural, many people choose to fight against it and opt to enhance their appearances … Read More

The New Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has never shied away from setting her own style in Hollywood. In fact, what many of her devoted fans have loved about Ms. Zellweger is that she has always seemed to embrace her quirks that make her unique. Well, she did. Last week, Renee Zellweger stunned her fans and many people in Hollywood … Read More

Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure done to the ear to cosmetically alter the size, position, or proportion of the ear(s). Protruding, asymmetrical, or prominent ears are known as a developmental abnormality from birth. Ears that protrude from the head or are overly large can cause many people, especially children, to be self-conscious. It is very … Read More

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