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Is a Mini-Facelift Right for You?


Over the past several decades, facelift surgery has dramatically improved, with less scarring and more natural results. Still, for some people, a full facelift is not their ideal choice. They may feel they only need slight changes to address early signs of aging, such as a sagging jawline, early marionette lines or the beginning of crow’s feet. How you address these early signs of aging is a personal choice, and fillers or Botox® may be one solution. But, if you are in your early forties and want to take additional pre-emptive measures to combat aging, a mini-facelift may be a better option for you.

What Is a Mini-Facelift?

A mini-facelift is a way to address the natural loss of skin elasticity through aging. Unlike a traditional facelift, it has smaller, more discreet incisions, less bruising and faster recovery times. With its shorter downtime, it is considered a less invasive procedure than a regular facelift, but with superior, longer-lasting results compared to injectables or fillers. The procedure is a particularly good choice for sagging jowls and other signs of aging in the lower face.

A major benefit of mini-facelifts is that they can be performed more than once. While the results last for many years, aging does continue. Having additional mini-lifts can continue to fend off the hands of time without looking like you have had work done. You will look like you, only younger and more refreshed.

Superior Results with Deep-Plane Mini-Lifts

Combining the mini-facelift incision model with deep plane facelift techniques offers superior results to the average mini-facelift. Instead of simply tightening the skin, the deep plane facelift also tightens the underlying tissues and is the most comprehensive way to address lower facial sagging. Deep plane techniques offer longer-lasting outcomes, and prevent the overstretched look associated with facelifts done by inexperienced surgeons.

Deep plane mini-facelifts require specialized skills, and most surgeons do not combine the techniques. At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Stong is one of the few surgeons with the skills, knowledge and experience to perform the procedure. If you are ready to combat the early signs of aging while maintaining natural results, contact the office today to discuss a mini-facelift.

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