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When it’s More Than Rosacea – Rhinophyma Could Be the Issue

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Rosacea is a skin condition that causes blushing and redness in the face. It can include little bumps filled with pus and look like acne. As the condition worsens, the skin can thicken around the nose, and the area around the eyes can be dry, irritated and swollen. The condition tends to flare up and then recede in cycles.

Women tend to be the prime candidates for rosacea, and the condition can run in families. Rosacea affects those with light skin tones, those over 30 and smokers most often, and it is not contagious. Treatments include topical skin products, oral antibiotics and even acne medications. Rosacea can often be treated and concealed. However, when the condition progresses and causes significant changes to the nose area, the condition could be rhinophyma.

How Does Rhinophyma Differ from Rosacea?

Some people with rosacea have mild-to-moderate cases with red, bumpy skin but no major changes to the nose. However, when rosacea attacks the skin on and around the nose, it can begin to thicken and develop bulbous tissue with a deep red color, along with a waxy appearance. These more severe, targeted symptoms are referred to as rhinophyma. While more women than men get rosacea, more men than women suffer from rhinophyma.

What Kind of Treatment is Available for Rhinophyma?

There are a variety of treatments for rhinophyma when you turn to a plastic surgeon. With a highly-qualified, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Stong, your options range widely. You may benefit from dermabrasion and from laser treatment to reshape the nose. Your best treatment regimen may include photofacial treatments or even surgery to remove excess tissue and restore shape and alignment to the nose.

When your life is suffering because of rosacea and rhinophyma, you need treatment from someone specially trained and educated in facial plastic surgery and facial treatments to get the high-quality results you desire. Rhinophyma can require more than topical treatments and medication, so working with a team that includes aesthetic services and surgical options is a win-win combination. Contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today for your consultation.

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