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Why is Ear Pinning Beneficial for Children?

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Oversized or protruding ears (“Dumbo ears”) are often subject to peer ridicule, resulting in poor self-esteem. Therefore, they can be a problematic aesthetic concern to live with, especially for children. Fortunately, it is a preventable obstacle because there is a solution to this distracting feature: ear pinning (otoplasty).

Ear Pinning Corrects Protruding Ears

Ear pinning is a procedure where we reposition and reshape the ears to create a more proportionate appearance. The surgery removes excess cartilage to move the ears closer to one’s head.

In the hands of a skilled, fellowship-trained, dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Benjamin Stong of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, this minimally invasive technique can be life-changing and help children avoid the heartache of taunting.

Additional Benefits

Ear pinning is a simple procedure, so it is very safe and recovery time is short. Your child would only require three to seven days of rest and recovery at home before returning to school.

It is often a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure, but it can also be functional, repairing problems with the ears like an injury that has affected sound-gathering performance.

Ear Pinning is Possible by Age Five

Ear pinning is a highly beneficial and sought-after cosmetic ear procedure often performed on children so they can avoid the psychological impact of teasing. However, teenagers and adults can get it done, too. Everyone at any age can opt for ear pinning to feel more confident. The only requirement is that the ears reach full size before we initiate the surgery, which is between five and six years old.

The Advantages of Early Treatment

The main advantage is to avoid compromising your child’s confidence-building potential through childhood. It is one less thing to worry about as they grow and learn. The second most significant advantage is that younger ears are fully developed, but the tissue is still more pliable. Meaning the molding capacity of a child’s ear cartilage is greater than older ears.

Deciding Whether Ear Pinning is Right for Your Child

This procedure could mean the difference between your child absolutely dreading school and social situations or enjoying them. If you think your child could benefit from ear pinning, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery to discuss further details. We look forward to ensuring your child feels excellent for the rest of their life.

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