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4 Ways to Protect Your Skin in Cold Weather

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Winter weather in Georgia is often cold and dry, which causes the water in our skin to evaporate more quickly. This lack of moisture causes our skin to dry out, chap, and feel tight. You may also notice flakiness and itchiness.

There are some precautions you can take at home and when you are outside, that can help protect your skin from the damaging elements.

    1. Wear protective clothing: Protect yourself by covering your skin. Clothing, gloves, scarves, and hats can shield you from harsh weather.
    2. Moisturize your skin: A lotion that contains glycerin serves as a barrier and helps retain moisture.
    3. Monitor Indoor Heating: You may think you’re protected while you’re inside enjoying the indoor heat. But he truth of the matter is that warm indoor air dries out your skin, as well as your mucous membranes. You may start noticing dry, chapped lips, and dry noses which can lead to nosebleeds. A dry throat is also common, which causes hoarseness and a sore throat. The use of a humidifier can help keep moisture in the air and rehydrate dry skin and nasal passages.
    4. Stay Hydrated: During the cold season, it’s easy to neglect your hydration because we don’t sweat as much. Our bodies are 70 percent water and we regularly lose moisture through our skin. So even if you don’t feel thirsty you should still drink plenty of fluids.

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