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Alexa Ray Joel’s Transformation

Here’s a riddle: What is something almost all celebrities do, yet almost none of them admit to it?

Answer: Plastic surgery.

Photoshop can do wonders for a person’s appearance, yet it is more than Photoshop that has Alexa Ray Joel as the center of plastic surgery rumors since last spring. Alexa has readily admitted that she has had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to correct the nose that she was unhappy with, yet she still denies having any other work done to her face.

While we at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery did not personally work with Alexa Ray Joel, it is obvious that she has altered her face through surgical procedures. Cheek implants, chin implants, and having her eye lids lifted are extremely obvious from before and after pictures of this young celeb. Many plastic surgeons note that her cheeks are the most obvious changes that have taken place on Alexa Ray Joel’s face. Her cheekbones are much higher and more chiseled than before. Pictures reveal that her upper eyelids are farther apart than they used to be which suggests that an upper blepharoplasty has been done. Her lips are fuller, as well, which are likely from fillers such as Juvaderm or Restylane.

The entire shape of her face has changed drastically. From her forehead all the way to the tip of her chin, nothing looks like it did just a few years ago. While we at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery do not condemn Alexa Ray Joel for choosing to undergo surgery, we wish she would open up about it like she did about her nose job. Alex Ray Joel is now a beautiful woman who has features that she has worked hard to achieve. At Kalos we can help patients achieve results that also give them the confidence and beauty that they desire.

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