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Are You As Worried As You Appear?

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There are plenty of issues in the world today to cause even the calmest person to have concerns. Still, you may appear to be more worried than you are due to the lines on your face, especially those glabellar lines. Also known as worry lines or the elevens – because they look like the number 11 – these lines show up on your forehead between your eyebrows, causing you to look angry or worried.

Earliest Sign of Aging?

Glabellar lines are often the first wrinkles an individual will notice. When friends and family begin asking why you look so worried or wonder what you are so angry about when neither is true, it may be due to these lines. They can also make you look older.

The fine lines and wrinkles that plague aging skin can begin to show as early as your late twenties or early thirties. Glabellar lines can make their debut as early as your mid-twenties. They begin as frown lines, only showing when your expression is one of anger or concern. Time deepens the lines and after a while, they can become permanent. Since the skin is thicker in this area of the face, the lines appear deeper.

Erase the Elevens

You do not need to enter middle age with glabellar lines affecting your appearance. The muscles beneath the skin can be relaxed with Botox® injections. This treatment causes the signals for contraction of the muscles in the glabella area to be blocked. Temporary paralysis of the muscles eliminates or minimizes the appearance of glabellar lines. As a result, you have a more relaxed look.

Results from Botox injections are generally seen within three or four days from treatment. In some cases, you may not see the full results for two weeks. You can expect your new look to last at least three to six months before needing another treatment.

Contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery for more information about Botox injections to erase glabellar lines. Ask about our other cosmetic treatments, too. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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