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Are Your Ears Distracting from Your Looks?

A beautiful woman at cosmetic ear consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Overly large or protruding ears are an eye-catching feature in all the wrong ways. They immediately draw attention away from your smile and other classically attractive facial features. Children with conspicuous ears might face teasing and bullying on the playground. These experiences can permanently damage confidence, leading to a more withdrawn and self-conscious personality later in life.

Unattractive ears are not necessarily present from birth. Dr. Stong at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery often speaks with patients who have damaged their earlobes during their lifetime. Heavy earrings or gauged body jewelry can permanently distend the earlobe. Damage from tears or rips to the lobes may also cause an unnatural appearance to the ears.

Dr. Stong offers a range of surgical options to rebalance your facial features.

Fix the Problem of Protruding Ears

Ears that stick out from the side of the head are a common target for peer ridicule, especially in childhood. Protruding ears are difficult to conceal – long hairstyles can only do so much and hats are not always appropriate.

Ear pinning surgery is a straightforward solution for both adults and children. Dr. Stong employs minimally invasive techniques with incisions hidden behind the ear, avoiding tell-tale visible scars. Your child’s ears should be fully grown before undergoing ear pinning, so the procedure cannot be performed until he or she reaches five or six years old.

Reduce the Appearance of Large Ears

If your ears are overly large in proportion to the rest of your facial features, you might benefit from macrotia ear reduction surgery. The ear is reshaped and reduced to give a natural looking, symmetrical appearance.

Ear reduction is a complex surgery requiring skill and technique to achieve the desired outcome. Usually, a portion of the upper curved cartilage is removed to reduce ear size, and then carefully reformed to create a natural shape. That said, everyone has different aesthetic expectations and areas of concern when reshaping the ear. Dr. Stong consults at length with his patients to give tailored, incredible results.

Restore Damaged Earlobes

Holes from stretched or misaligned piercings, damage from an injury or keloid scars may affect the appearance of your earlobes. Thankfully, earlobe repair surgery involves little pain with minimal downtime, and can be performed under local anesthetic. You will be extremely satisfied with the results from Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your ears, contact Dr. Stong at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery in Georgia today.

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