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Asian Eyelid Surgery in Atlanta

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“Asian eyelid,” or an epicanthic fold of the eye, is when the skin of the upper eyelid covers the inner corner of the eye.

Who Can Be Affected By Asian Eyelids?

As the name implies, this is a condition predominantly found in people of Asian descent. However, it’s not specific only to this group.

Older folks of any nationality can experience a droopy eyelid due to loss of muscle. Infants and young child can temporarily have Asian eyelid until the bridge of their nose begins to rise.

This condition can also be a side effect of a medical issue, including:

● Down syndrome
● Fetal alcohol syndrome
● Noonan syndrome
● Turner syndrome
● Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
● Blepharophimosis syndrome
● Phenylketonuria (PKU)
● Williams syndrome

This condition can also cause your eyelid to get in the way and affect your vision.

If you’re unhappy because your eyelids make you look tired, or angry, then it may be time to consider having surgery.

What Happens During Asian Eyelid Surgery?

During surgery, excess skin around the eye is reshaped, and a crease is formed on the eyelid. This procedure may or may not require an incision.

A scalpel-free surgery is ideal for young patients that don’t have excess skin around their eyes. However, the results can be temporary.

A more permanent fix will be seen with an incisional surgery. During this procedure, our Atlanta plastic surgeon will be able to tackle issues of excess fat deposits, muscle, and skin on the upper eyelid.

Asian Eyelid Surgery in Atlanta

When it comes to the way you look and feel about your eyes, you should only trust the top cosmetic surgery professionals. When you stop by for a consultation, you’ll see why Kalos Plastic Surgery is the #1 choice for Asian eyelid surgery in Atlanta.

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