Atlanta Acne Scar Treatment

The K Spa offers a variety of treatment options for patients with acne scarring. We understand the difficult nature of treating acne scars and offer various treatments depending on the severity and depth of individual scars. For more severe, deep acne scarring, we have found patients achieve the best results with our Cutera Pearl Fusion laser. This semi-ablative laser treatment works on a deep level to resurface the skin, smoothing out irregular texture that is caused by scarring. For mild to moderate acne scarring, we recommend patients undergo Laser Genesis treatments or chemical peels. Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser treatment with very little downtime. Chemical peels work to address superficial textural irregularities and can help smooth out superficial acne scars. Dr. Benjamin Stong, our supervising physician, also performs filler injections for depressed scarring.

Acne Scar Intensive Laser Treatment

The Cutera Pearl Fusion treatment is an excellent option for patients with moderate to severe acne scarring. This intensive laser treatment is able to penetrate to the dermal layer of skin, helping to resurface textural irregularities caused by scarring. The treatment is so strong that many patients achieve the desired result in just one treatment. Because of the strength of the treatment, full healing will occur 10-14 days after treatment. Patients should plan to consult with our staff prior to undergoing the Pearl Fusion treatment to ensure they are candidates and to go over the treatment information in detail.

For patients with mild to moderate acne scars, we recommend Laser Genesis. This treatment is non-invasive and has no downtime. Patients can do this treatment on their lunch break and return to normal activities. The Laser Genesis treatment works to even out the appearance of scarring by generating heat on the dermal layer of the skin, which encourages collagen formation. To see full results, patients should plan on completing six treatments. As with all treatments at the K Spa, we recommend a consultation with our expert staff to see which option is best.

Acne Scar Removal

The K Spa is pleased to offer several treatments designed to minimize the appearance of acne scars. Aside from laser treatments, we recommend chemical peels to help smooth and even acne scarring. We have several different chemical peel options, and we recommend our moderate to intense peels in order to help treat acne scarring. The after effects will vary depending on the type of peel selected. Normally, a series of peels is recommended for best results, but the number of peels will depend on the type of peel and degree of acne scarring. We recommend patients come in for a consultation with our medical aesthetician in order to select the most effective peel for the individual needs of the patient. Our aesthetician may also make product recommendations for the patient to use before and after undergoing chemical peel treatments for optimum results. Schedule your consultation with the experts at the K Spa today to see what treatment option is best for you.

Consult with the Acne Scar Treatment Experts at the K Spa today to see what treatment option is right for you.

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