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Atlanta Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Less is not Necessarily More

Facial cosmetic surgery is a very personal and monumental decision.  Universally, all patients want the best outcomes.  In today’s corporatized America, with heavily influential marketing spin, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and even practitioners promote a less is more mentality to push products and services that often over promise and under deliver on the results.  In no way can skin creams, injectables, or lasers deliver the types of results once can achieve with surgery.  In a similar manner, minimally invasive sounding surgeries are in no way a substitute for time tested peer reviewed procedures that provide quality long lasting results.

Unfortunately not every person will achieve acceptable results with Botox or injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse.  These products have their place in facial aesthetic practices, in properly selected patients, but in general should be viewed as temporary treatments with less impressive results when compared to surgery.  Their primary advantage is that they have minimal social while providing a benefit.  Botox is being used more and more as a preventative cosmetic medicine that delays wrinkle formation.  Fillers camouflage initial signs of aging, but ultimately putting too much filler in a face, the liquid facelift, can alter ones appearance creating an artificial overinflated appearance.  Using filler to augment facial structures can be useful to patients wanting to get a general idea of the appearance prior to permanent surgical procedures such as lip and cheek enhancements procedures.  Creams reverse the signs of photo aging and contribute to collagen formation and production but are limited in their effectiveness. Lasers are an excellent option to delay the signs of aging and treat sun induced skin photoaging, but in no way can they tighten skin like facial cosmetic surgeries such as a facelift.

Surgical procedures are the best option for impressive endurable results.  Rhinoplasty can dramatically affect ones facial appearance in a way that almost no other cosmetic surgery can.  The nose can cause undue and unnecessary attention drawing attention away from other attractive facial features.  Aging face surgery has many layers of effectiveness based on the surgical techniques used and how they are applied.  In general, minimally invasive techniques can produce an artificial appearance and or short-term results.  When considering aging face surgery most sophisticated patients are looking for surgeries that will last as long as possible with the most dramatic natural appearing results.  There are no shortcuts to achieving optimal results and when applied, shortcut techniques frequently under deliver on the surgical results end.

Becoming an informed patient who understands the benefits of finding the right intervention or surgery for the right patient will ultimately save one time and money over the long haul.  Getting things done right the first time is of paramount importance to achieving optimal outcomes with a high degree of patient satisfaction, while avoiding problems and bad outcomes.

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