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Beauty vs. Function in Rhinoplasty

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One of your most prominent features is your nose. It can add to or detract from your overall appearance. A nose that is too large or has an odd shape can alter the symmetry of your face. The same holds true for a damaged nose, which can affect breathing, too. Certain birth imperfections of the nose can also detract from your appearance. Many of these flaws can be resolved with rhinoplasty.

Not Just a Nose Job

The term, “nose job,” has been around for a long time. Generally, it refers to cosmetic rhinoplasty. When used for cosmetic purposes, the procedure reshapes the nose in some fashion. Functionally, rhinoplasty is used to correct some defect in the nose that makes breathing through the nose difficult or uncomfortable.

An individual’s appearance is enhanced with cosmetic rhinoplasty. This can include such procedures as straightening a nose with a hump, reshaping the tip of the nose, correcting a crooked nose and narrowing wide nostrils.

In some situations when functional rhinoplasty is needed, cosmetic changes can be addressed during the same surgery. This often happens in the case of a broken nose where the septum interferes with breathing and the nose has a crooked appearance.

Creating the Perfect Nose

There are plenty of photographs of beautiful people with beautiful noses, and it can be tempting to desire to have your nose shaped like a favorite celebrity’s. While that person’s nose may be very becoming, it may not necessarily be the correct nose for your unique face.

Ideally, the features of your face are positioned and sized to give you your best look. Your perfect nose should also fit with your features. Many factors are considered when reshaping the nose. A skilled plastic surgeon with experience and an eye for the nuances of facial features can guide you into making the most suitable decisions for your rhinoplasty.

Dr. Stong is a dual board-certified plastic surgeon with that eye for detail along with exceptional skill. Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Stong today to find out if rhinoplasty is right for you.

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