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When Bell’s Palsy Leaves Behind Frozen Nerves

Every year, a small percentage of people develop Bell’s Palsy. You may have seen it in your parents or grandparents, or perhaps even in the mirror. One half of the face loses the ability to smile or raise an eyebrow; the cheek is slack, the forehead is relaxed. The same type of paralysis can be seen after a stroke. Not only are the exterior nerves and muscles lax, but there can even be difficulty with swallowing and blinking. Is there anything that can help?

Social and Emotional Effects

When your nerves are frozen, the physical part of the paralysis can be the easiest to live with. Looking in the mirror and living with it can be devastating to your mental and psychological health. You may experience depression or anxiety. You can’t smile properly, so you begin to hide it altogether, which makes others think of you as less friendly. Social interactions become strained. Dating is a nightmare. In fact, you’re starting to limit how often you go out of the house. It’s time to do something.

Treatments for Facial Palsy

If you’ve never considered plastic surgery for the effects of Bell’s Palsy or other palsy-like malady, now is the time. With recent advances in facial reconstructive surgery, Kalos Plastic Surgery is proud to be able to offer help to provide better symmetry and even restore movement for a face with Bell’s Palsy.

Not only will we be able to adjust the areas of the lips and cheek that are affected, we will also address the line of the brow and the blinking function of the eye. Restoration of movement means you’ll be able to smile, to chew and swallow.

If you’re ready to start living again after Bell’s Palsy, contact Kalos. Our double board-certified surgeon, Benjamin Stong, can help you. Call our Atlanta office today for a consultation.

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