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Benefits of a Mini Blepharoplasty (Mini Eye Lift)

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Do you want a more defined upper eyelid crease and more room to apply eye shadow? Perhaps you have considered blepharoplasty (an eye lift), but your condition is not prominent enough to undergo the cosmetic procedure. For example, you have no lateral hooding outside the eyelids and only minor to moderate upper eyelid drooping or hooding; and you are young, so you are not yet showing signs of aging.

You can still get a mini blepharoplasty, a conservative eyelid tuck procedure developed by Dr. Benjamin Stong for patients like you. It is a minimally invasive surgery involving only the skin of the upper eyelid. When he removes the excess skin, he does so in such a way that the scar is contained entirely within the upper eyelid so it is undetectable.

Benefits and Limitations of a Mini Eye Lift

Mini treatments, like the mini blepharoplasty surgery, are excellent because they are effective and practical and can often prevent the need for more invasive operations. Additional advantages include:

  • The operation is simple and performed in the office under local anesthesia (it can be done under general anesthesia if desired).
  • You will experience minimal downtime because recovery is quick.
  • It leaves no sign of a scar since the incision is contained entirely in the upper eyelid skin.
  • It is a preventive procedure, keeping you looking young for longer.
  • The results are subtle and natural-looking.

A limitation of the mini blepharoplasty is that bags and eye hollows are not treated, since fat and muscle are not transferred or removed.

Effects of a Mini Blepharoplasty Procedure

You can achieve a revitalized appearance with a mini eyelid lift without others noticing you have had plastic surgery because the outcome looks natural. In addition, there is minimal risk involved in this simple, life-changing procedure that refreshes and revitalizes the delicate skin around the eyes.

A mini blepharoplasty beautifully defines the upper eyelid crease and removes signs of tiredness in the upper face. In addition, it is easier to apply makeup, and eyeshadow will be more noticeable because a mini eye lift widens the upper lid.

Scheduling a Consultation to Determine if You are a Suitable Candidate

Dr. Stong usually recommends a mini blepharoplasty for patients in their twenties, but people of all ages can benefit from this procedure. During a consultation, he will assess whether this procedure is appropriate for you.

If Dr. Stong finds you an unsuitable mini blepharoplasty candidate, he will advise you on the appropriate solution. He may also suggest additional treatments if they will help you achieve your cosmetic goals. So, make an appointment with Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery today.

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