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Benefits of Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair surgery can be a great fix for elongated or damaged ear lobes.  Some patients have naturally elongated lobes while others suffer damage to the earlobes from earrings or other trauma.  As well, some patients may suffer from keloid scars on the earlobes, sometimes a result after ear piercing.  No matter which condition a patient has, earlobe repair can be a wonderful solution to balance and re-proportion earlobes.

There are several reasons why a patient may choose to undergo earlobe repair cosmetic surgery.  If the earlobes are elongated or damaged, earlobe repair will reshape the earlobes to create a balanced, attractive outcome, and in some cases make it possible for patients to have their ears pierced following corrective surgery.  For patients suffering from keloid scarring, earlobe repair can make a world of difference.  Keloid scarring can cause patients to be self conscious about showing their ears.  By repairing the lobes and eliminating the scars, patients are given increased confidence.

Normally, earlobe repair surgery is fairly quick and uncomplicated.  The patient is normally finished with the procedure in less than an hour’s time, and normally only local anesthesia is used.  Slight incisions will be made in order to eliminate scar tissue or excess skin, and finally sutures will be put in place to finalize the procedure.  I always strive to make the incisions and sutures as imperceptible as possible, so that they blend in with natural creases and folds of the ears.  Normally, our patients find that after the healing process is complete, they cannot tell any surgery was performed, and the results are exceptional.

The recovery time is normally brief, and during recovery, the patient will see me regularly for follow up appointments.  I am always available for patients on call after hours if questions arise.  I have found in my practice that earlobe repair is definitely not an uncommon procedure, and the results can many times be life changing.

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