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MOHS Skin Cancer Reconstruction

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Cancer is a scary word. Depending on the source you look at, anywhere from 38 to 50 percent of people will develop it in their lifetime. According to, 20 percent, or one in five Americans will develop skin cancer. These are frightening statistics, and not ones to scoff at.

You can decrease your risk of this skin disease by using sunscreen regularly and eating things like broccoli and fresh berries (not necessarily together!) that have been shown to lower your cancer risk.

But what if you’ve done everything you’re supposed to and still develop a patch of skin cancer?

The first thing you’ll do is visit your dermatology and oncology doctors. If you’re in the Atlanta area, it’s very possible that they will send you to Kalos for MOHS revision and reconstruction. Dr. Stong is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon who is well versed in MOHS skin cancer reconstruction. He knows and understands how important your skin, both visible and covered parts, is to your sense of self and is committed to reconstructing features in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Layer by Layer

Your skin is made up of many layers. When removing skin cancer, it is important to remove all of the cancerous cells with clear margins. The MOHS surgeon, Dr. Stong, will remove and examine individual layers until no cancer cells remain. The nature of this surgery can leave excruciating wounds, especially on facial features. But in the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon, those areas can be repaired, restored, and made far less noticeable.

Thanks to newer techniques like MOHS, skin cancer has a higher survival rate than ever. Not only are patients surviving, but because of highly skilled surgeons like Dr. Stong, they are able to return to their lives with minimal scarring and plenty of confidence!

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