Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Rumors

It looks like another member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is under public scrutiny for possible plastic surgery.  At just 16 years old, Kylie Jenner is a bit young to have all the procedures critics are speculating she’s had.  Her older sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, have all admitted to various cosmetic procedures and surgeries, … Read More

The Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is the technical term for the surgical correction of defects or deformities of the ears.  The ears may have defects or deformities present that are genetic or congenital, or from suffering trauma.  When performing otoplasty surgery, it is the surgeon’s primary goal to create a more attractive, balanced, and natural appearance while maintaining the … Read More

Selfies and Plastic Surgery

According to recent news reports, the rise of “selfies”, also known as photos of oneself taken by oneself (for those not up to date on internet lingo), is contributing to the rise of plastic surgery rates.  Younger generations are heavily engulfed in the worlds of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and the like, which prompt the user to … Read More

Camouflage Makeup After Plastic Surgery

Working in a plastic surgeon’s office means I see patients all throughout the surgical process.  While I wish there was a way to prevent bruising, swelling and other effects that are a natural part of the healing process, patients will more than likely experience some degree of these normal conditions following surgery. I have found that camouflage makeup … Read More

The Future of Juvederm Voluma XC

Juvederm Voluma XC facial filler is finally available in the United States, and Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery was among the first offices in Atlanta to carry this revolutionary new product.  Voluma is indicated to treat volume loss in the mid face and cheeks, while addressing the “three dimensional” effects of aging.  One of the biggest advantages of … Read More

Kim Novak’s Oscars Appearance

Actress Kim Novak, who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 movie Vertigo, presented the Academy Award for the best animated feature on March 2nd.  Novak has a long career as a successful actress, and we thought it was great to see one of Hollywood’s famous alums present at the Oscars.  Other critics on the web weren’t … Read More

The Role of Growth Factors in Skin Care

One of the most prominent ingredients in skin care to gain recent notoriety for anti-aging is the growth factor.  There are different types of growth factors, but human growth factors come from human cells, and work to communicate messages to cells.  When used in skin care, growth factors aid in wound healing, and help produce … Read More

Courtney Cox: Injection Overload!

Courtney Cox captured our hearts on Friends, and still continues to delight us on Cougar Town. There’s no denying she’s beautiful and talented, but her pursuit to look younger has evidently sent her into a plastic surgery binge. The star has admitted to using Botox for wrinkles, lasers for skin imperfections, and Ulthera for neck … Read More

Scar Treatment Following Surgery

The ultimate goal of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is to make the most attractive outcome for the patient, and the issue of scarring cannot be overlooked when planning for surgery.  When cosmetic surgery is performed, skin tissue is generally not originally compromised or damaged, so the placement of incisions and resulting scars will be … Read More

How Madonna Stays Looking Fabulous at 55

It is hard to believe that Madonna has been in the limelight since the early ’80’s- thirty plus years ago!  Even superstars age, but Madonna has definitely aged gracefully, still looking fabulous at age 55.  So, what are her secrets?  Obviously, Madonna has unlimited resources and access to the best of the best in terms … Read More

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There are several different methods of hair removal that include shaving, waxing, threading, sugaring, epilation, depilation, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.  Some of these methods can be performed at home while others require a visit to the salon or med spa for treatment by a licensed professional.  It has been shown that the most effective … Read More

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