Carrot Top’s Poor Appearance Choices

Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson was once best known for his red hair and stand up comedy. However, these days, many people can’t get past his looks in order to listen to his jokes.

Men are no strangers to plastic surgery these days. Just like women, many men feel the pressure to keep up their appearances in order to catch the eyes of women, be successful in a highly competitive business world, and defy their ages. These may have been the reasons behind Carrot Top’s choices in plastic surgeries, however, the outcome of his procedures are not what many people would call positive.

It appears that Carrot Top has undergone an eyebrow lift, cheek and jaw grafting, Botox injections, lip injections, and laser peels. Where his face used to proudly portray the freckles that are so common among those with red hair, Carrot Top’s face now appears as clear as a pale blonde’s face would be. While Carrot Top’s features were always recognizable from the beginning of his career, and truthfully what many people loved about him, now his appearance has been characterized as “horrifying” by many – even those who were once raging fans.

At Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC, we understand the desire for everyone to look and feel his or her best. We encourage men and women to come in for consultations to determine which procedures will be the best for achieving the desires that they have. Dr. Benjamin Stong uses his expertise as a dual board surgeon to deliver excellent results to his patients. Men can have amazing results that enhance their appearances.

If you are thinking of having any type of facial plastic surgery done, contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC for a consultation with Dr. Stong.

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