Most Requested Celeb Noses

If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, do you have someone else’s features in mind? Bringing a picture to your surgeon could prove to be helpful when deciding on your final outcome. There are lots of ideal noses in Hollywood, some real and some altered, but here are a few that are often requested:

Jessica Biel: She had a straight, strong nose that is perfectly proportioned to captivating green eyes and full lips.

jessica biel nose

Nicole Kidman: Nicole’s nose looks a bit different then when she started out in Hollywood. It is now better suited to her facial features and often described as “dainty and cute.”

nicole kidman before

Ashton Kutcher: There has been much debate about Ashton having a nose job. There seems to be only a slight change in the tip of his nose over the years, a possible effect of tip refinement surgery.

Ashton Kutcher Cosmetic Surgery

Anne Hathaway: Sometimes, a strong nose is best to balance other facial features. Anne’s nose is very prominent but evens out her big eyes and lips nicely.

"Les Miserables" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Rihanna: Rihanna has definitely had a rhinoplasty to reduce her nostrils and midportion of her nose. She still managed to keep her nose ethnically appropriate, which is suggested for a more natural look.

rihanna nose

Kate Middleton: Kate had the most requested celebrity nose in the UK in 2012.  The symmetry of her nose, minimal amount of nostril show, and the position between her lip and nose are all very ideal.

kate middleton

A Rhinoplasty is recommended for anyone who desires to improve the overall appearance of their nose. The nose can be altered by removing a hump, reducing the width of the nostrils, altering the tip of the nose, or increasing or decreasing the size of the bridge of the nose.

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