New Year Plastic Surgery on the Rise

Plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures have been on the rise steadily over the past several years, but recent statistics have shown a significant increase in the amount of people who undergo plastic surgery around the time of the New Year.  There are several reasons for this phenomenon.  First, more people are giving gift certificates for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures for the holidays (and the recipients are either asking for or welcoming of the gift).  Secondly, the trend can be attributed to the general rise that has been seen across the country in recent years; more people are undergoing cosmetic surgery than ever before.

According to a recent ABC News Report, the rate of holiday gifting of plastic surgery has risen from 20% to 35%.  In my practice, I have a number of patients who happen to have more time off during the holidays for recovery, and therefore plan to undergo plastic surgery during the holiday season.  As well, many patients state that they want to look their best for holiday parties, or some want a new change for the New Year (some patients add plastic surgery to their list of New Year’s resolutions).  Patients many times incorporate a new or enhanced appearance with their idea of a new, improved self.

In addition to plastic surgery, the ABC News Report statistic includes non surgical cosmetic procedures such as neurotoxin (Botox, etc.) and filler (Voluma, etc.) injections, lasers, and medical esthetic procedures like chemical peels, which contribute to the overall rise in the rate of holiday cosmetic treatments.  We see a large number of patients wanting non-surgical cosmetic enhancements before holiday parties or family gatherings.  Again, for the patients who do not choose to have surgery, they still view these non-surgical procedures as ways to enhance their appearance for a “newer” self.

If plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures are on your New Year’s resolution list, make sure to consult with a double board certified plastic surgeon for the safest and best outcome.

Post Provided by Benjamin Stong MD


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