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Broken Nose? Need A “New” One?

woman holding her nose

There are lots of ways to break a nose: sports injuries, trip and falls, car accidents, the list goes on and on. The severity of your break may seem to be your most logical deciding factor about whether to have it fixed; before you make a decision, consult with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Ben Stong. Dr. Stong is a double board certified specialist, which makes him uniquely qualified to treat the aesthetic and structural concerns caused by a broken nose!

It’s Not Just About Cosmetic Surgery

Obvious breaks – when you can see a problem with the shape or alignment of the feature – carry obvious risks: blockage of your airway, loss of smell, etc. But even an inconspicuous break can wreak havoc on your health.  Any broken nose, or even trauma to the nose, can create a deviated septum: a displacement of the thin membrane separating your nasal passage. This can lead to a partial loss of airway function, increasing dryness, nosebleeds, and incidences of sinus infections.

A High Standard of Care

At Kalos Plastic Surgery, we know that your appearance is important. We ensure that surgeries to prominent facial features, such as your nose, are performed with the utmost care to restore and preserve the function of the feature (breathing, smelling, tasting) as well as preserving your visage. Once swelling from the initial trauma and from the surgery have gone down, no one will be the wiser about your treatment.

Contact Kalos today to find out the best way to treat your broken nose!

Post Provided by Benjamin Stong MD, Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC

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