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Brooke Burke Charvet and Plastic Surgery

In a recent interview, Brooke Burke Charvet speaks out candidly about plastic surgery.  The mother of four is still smoking hot at age 42, and speaks out at length about what she does to stay looking her absolute best.  Burke Charvet, a model, actress, dancer and television host, is definitely enviable for her beautiful face and body, especially after having four children!  Interestingly, Burke Charvet was formerly married to a plastic surgeon before marrying current husband David Charvet.

Brooke has admitted to undergoing two breast augmentation surgeries.  The first was performed in her twenties, and she had a second operation later to make the implants smaller.  When asked about the topic, she stated, “Women who do too much scare me…I’m glad it scares me. I was married to a plastic surgeon, so I’ve seen it all. If a woman has done a bit of work, you should never know.”  We think this is a great way of looking at having cosmetic surgery.  It is true that when done correctly and skillfully, plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures should provide subtle enhancements.  The patient should look better than before, but not in an obvious or unnatural way.

Brook attributes her svelte figure and youthful look to living a healthy lifestyle.  She exercises rigorously, stating she is working out more than ever before.  She also eats a sensible, mostly Mediterranean diet.  Exercise and a healthy diet undeniably contribute to overall health and looking youthful.  While it is not obvious Brooke has had any facial plastic surgery, we are willing to bet she keeps up her youthful look with Botox injections and facial treatments.  Dr. Benjamin Stong, who is not affiliated with Brooke, stated, “Judging by the youthful, healthy condition of her skin, it is obvious Brooke takes good care of herself.  This can be done with medical grade skin care, regular facial treatments, and lasers.  She has probably had Botox injections as she truly has very few fine lines on her face.  Overall, she looks great!”

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