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Brookhaven Facelift Surgery

Rhytidectomy, known as a “facelift”, can reverse the effects of aging, giving you a more youthful, energetic appearance. While there are many plastic surgeons that offer this procedure at their practice, there are few that can complete this delicate surgery with the precision and expertise of our surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Stong, at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC. Dr. Stong has a unique gift for using the most advanced techniques and artistic flare in facelift surgery to erase the effects of time while preserving a natural appearance.

Traditional facelifts focus on lifting and tightening the skin to prevent it from appearing loose or droopy. The problem with these facelifts is that they do not address the muscle and tissue under the skin that can sag over time. The result can be a “tight” appearance that looks unnatural and may not last. Dr. Stong utilizes the latest techniques and medical procedures to reposition the entire SMAS, or Subcutaneous Musculo-Aponeurotic System, to give our patients a healthy appearance that is reminiscent of their youth.

Deep Plane Facelifts

There are many different types of facelifts available and various techniques that can be used to achieve results. However, one of the most effective options is the deep plane facelift or complete rhytidectomy. Dr. Stong prefers this technique as it lifts and repositions the SMAS throughout the midface to give his patients more natural results. Another benefit is the longevity of the deep plane facelift. Traditional facelifts can begin to shift within months or a year, while Dr. Stong creates results that can last for years before any additional work is needed to maintain the results.

With the deep plane procedure, the SMAS is lifted and moved to a more youthful position. The upper cheeks and facial tissue around the nose and mouth are elevated to where they were once positioned. This takes specialized expertise and precision, which Dr. Stong has executed many times with fantastic results. Compared to other methods, the complete rhytidectomy also offers quicker recovery with less scarring, using minimal incisions for limited damage to the tissue.

Choosing Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering a facelift and live in Brookhaven, you have a wide variety of surgeons in the Atlanta area to choose from. However, few have the credentials, experience and proven results of Dr. Benjamin Stong. As a dual-board certified plastic surgeon that is Fellowship trained, Dr. Stong has extensive education and training in his field. He has a stellar reputation for superior results concerning facial plastic surgery, especially when it comes to performing natural, lasting facelifts for our patients.

The facial plastic surgeon you choose can make a big difference in the results you will have after your facelift. Dr. Stong will spend time with you to discuss your expectations and desired results. Every facelift procedure needs to be tailored to the unique needs of the patient; Dr. Stong will discuss what you can expect and other options to consider to obtain the results you want from your facelift surgery. Many variations on the deep plane facelift are available, including the extended and full facelift options to address aging in the brow, neck and jawline, as well as the midface region.

A facelift can turn back the hands of time on your face, giving you more self-confidence and an improved outlook on your later years in life. But it is important to choose the best surgeon to perform this procedure to get the results you desire. To begin your journey to a more youthful appearance in the Brookhaven area, contact Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery LLC for an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Stong. It is the first step toward revealing a younger, more confident image.

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